Teppou Hei from Mitsurugi's ending

Teppou Hei is a fictional character from Soul Edge. He appears during the ending of standard character Heishiro Mitsurugi. His weapon is a Japanese rifle named Tanegashima, which is described in Mitsurugi's story as being a new revolutionary weapon that will change the way battles are fought.


  • The name "Teppou Hei" literally means "gunner soldier" in Japanese (鉄砲兵), meaning that the character has no specific name given.
  • Teppou Hei does not have a storyline of his own, and only serves to provide the player with an extra challenge in Arcade Mode, as defeating him will determine whether Mitsurugi's Good or Bad ending will be displayed. The player must take control of Mitsurugi in a first person battle against Teppou Hei, using left and right to avoid shots, and using up and down to move forewards or backwards - the aim is to cause Teppou Hei to run out of ammo, and then kill him (by pressing any attack button) before he reloads. During this battle, both Teppou Hei and Mitsurugi only have one hit left.
  • It is only possible to control Teppou Hei using cheat devices (this is actually the only way to discover his name). Ironically, he uses Mitsurugi's moveset when in Versus Mode (his rifle is not used), and his name sometimes appears as "Seung Mina" when on the battle screen. He does not have an ending, as he was never given a storyline - however it could be inferred that Mitsurugi's Bad Ending is Teppou Hei's good ending, and vice versa.
  • Similarly to Mitsurugi in Soul Edge, he has a Kanji written on his back. In Teppou Hei's case, it's 影 (kage, "shadow").
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