The Adrian
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"A ship appears at the storm, raising its skull and crossbones."
— Narrator

The Adrian is the ship that Cervantes de Leon used before he was infected with Evil. After emerging from Astral Chaos in a new body, he regained possession of the ship.

The stage resembles Pirate Raid and Sailor's Rest. The Adrian was first seen in a distance in Cervantes' Soulcalibur stage The Adrian and The Fortress. It consists of opposite sides of walls and opposite sides of low breakable fences.

The ship in Soulcalibur V possesses a skull-shaped navel ram and a powerful arsenal. Despite the negative reputation of galleons capsizing, the Adrian was able to sail through even the roughest conditions with ease. 


  • The Adrian's design in Soulcalibur V is questionable, as it initially beared a more natural, and traditional appearance. As in The Adrian and The Fortress, its figurehead at the bow of the ship is that of an Angel Maiden, and most of its designs from Soul Edge up until Soulcalibur V present it as having celestial, Catholic, and traditional Spanish elements. Whereas in Soulcalibur V, the design on the walls of the outside deckhouse consists of opposite positions of what is either a siren or lamia. Also its design is changed to lean more on demonic mythology rather than on celestial and traditional Spanish traditions.
  • The above inconsistancy in design was explained in the New Legends of Project Soul sourcebook. At least three other ships had carried the name Adrian. However, their construction dates make it very unlikely they all served as Cervantes' ship, instead they were likely imitations in order to use the fear of Cervantes to intimidate others on the sea.
  • The original version of the stage design included "a certain infamous sea monster", though this didn't make it into the final version.
Soul Calibur New Legends Of Project Soul 134
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