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"WARNING: This story is based on obscure fables and does not accurately represent the Soulcalibur history!"
— Disclaimer at the mode's introductory text

The Gauntlet is Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny's specially made Story Mode, but has a tutorial aspect into it. The characters in the story are more comical rather than serious.


The Gauntlet is split up into 34 chapters, with at least 2-4 battles per chapter.


Chapter 1

You fight a Wild Wolf as you train in the mountain.

Opponent: Wild Wolf (Custom Character, Astaroth's Style)

Chapter 2

You enter a tournament and fight Boris, who resembles Olcadan, except for an eagle's mask instead of an owl's.

Opponent: Boris (Custom Character, Mitsurugi's Style)

Chapter 3

In the middle of the night, a maid-outfit-wearing ninja named Pamela tries to assassinate you.

Opponent: Pamela (Custom Character, Kilik's Style)

Chapter 4

In the final round of the martial arts tournament, you fight a man named Maccoi who wears rather odd set of clothes.

Opponent: Maccoi (Custom Character, Amy's Style)

Chapter 5

The Masked Alexandra (Cassandra) and Hilde ask you to join them on their journey, but first you have to fight against The Masked Alexandra to prove your skills.

Opponent: Cassandra

Chapter 6

Hilde's father is seriously ill and needs immediate treatment. To do so, you have to gather ingredients so you can take them to Professor Ivy, who then can create a cure for him. The first ingredient is "Lizard's ???", which you have to steal from Lizardman.

Opponent: Lizardman

Chapter 7

In this chapter you meet Lord Geo Dampierre, he ambushes you and your party and stated that he has to "remove a pesky friend who has been clinging to his highness".

Opponent: Dampierre

Chapter 8

After defeating Dampierre, Raphael the perverted aristocrat cuts in and kidnaps Hilde. Dampierre joins you and Cassandra, and together you are successful in rescuing Hilde.

Opponent: Raphael

Chapter 9

After rescuing Hilde from Raphael. you and your party return to his home, but upon your arrival, you encounter Jacqueline and Marienbard, Raphael's Maids, and Amy. You defeat Amy and return Raphael's home.

Opponent: Amy

Chapter 10

After leaving Raphael's castle, a time of peace falls on your party, but the recent events with Raphael gave Hilde nightmares that she tends to dream and attack her party members calling them "perverted aristocrats". here Hilde is going through another nightmare and this time her target is you and Dampierre. You are able to wake her up by getting her soaked in the marshes' ponds and go back to sleep.

Opponent: Hilde

Chapter 11

After Discussing the ingredients needed for the medicine, Dampierre makes a suggestion to visit the band of raiders known as the manji clan led by Yoshimitsu. Upon your arrival you are greeted by two giants, Ukon and Sakon. You are able to convince their leader to help you but states in misunderstanding that it is your father not Hilde's. After knocking senses to them, Yoshimitsu will teach you the hara-kiri which is the suicide move. After surviving the training they agree to teach you your sixth sense.

Opponent: Yoshimitsu

Chapter 12

After learning the sixth sense, you travel and encounter the 'wandering grudge' ingredient held by the ninja Taki. But trying to reason with her to give you the spirit, Dampierre and Cassandra boasts about their sixth sense and upsets Taki, making her attack you. You succeed in fending her off and are able to receive the Wandering Grudge ingredient.

Opponent: Taki

Chapter 13

After receiving reports of Nightmare's rampage, you actually encounter him yourself! but this time, he seems to be in a calm more polite nature. After speaking with him, you learn that the entities of soul edge removed all of his evil and forgets his rampage the other day. He asks you help to train him to resisting Soul Edge's twisted power.

Opponent: Nightmare

Chapter 14

After being successful in Nightmare's training you two part ways and continue your quest. But lately you feel that someone or something has been following your party. You are given night watch and notice the moon being covered by darkness then a blade shoots out of the dark. After fending off the attacker your party wakes up and the moon shining again, revealing your opponent is Voldo, the blind follower hissing that no one fights his master's treasure and escapes. You finally defeat him and he retreats.

Opponent: Voldo

Chapter 15

After facing Voldo, you finally sleep peacefully for the first time in days. Just then a horde of animals led by the wild wolf you faced in Chapter 1 and his new master Rock attacks you. After fending him off your friends wake up and assist you in facing the animals. After finally defeating the talking Rhino he speaks and states you are a worthy warrior and you two become friends.

Opponent: Rock

Chapter 16

One day Dampierre is assigned to cook for food, while that you and Cassandra square off in a fight to increase your bonds and friendships. After managing to survive her terrifying-earth defining earthquakes you two get ready for dinner as Dampierre finishes cooking.

Opponent: Cassandra (2nd time)

Chapter 17

While travelling, you run into Yun-seong who seems to be receiving messages from alien sources stating "Space is scary, Mi-na's martial arts are scary, space is scary, Mi-na's martial arts are scary, space...scary". you decide to hear him out but as to no avail as you can't understand what he says. He starts flailing his weapon left and right and suddenly attacks you. After knocking some sense into him you and your friends depict him as the "afterglow of the universe" ingredient as asks him to join your party (He unwittingly does so).

Opponent: Yun-seong

Chapter 18

After Yun seong joins your party, you run into Talim, the wind priestess and are mistaken for another one like Yun-Seong. You fight her and you realize she's not like Yun-Seong since she can actually read the wind and the cries of the earth.

Opponent: Talim

Chapter 19

After defeating Talim you run into a woman named Seong Mi-na, who claims you bullying her. Something about her luscious body doesn't match her weapon and you think she is the "Mi-na" Yun seong mutters about and could actually be a space messenger. In the fight, other fighters gather and watch as you two spar in a battle. Sometime in the fight Dampierre cuts in and whispers to Seong Mi-na some crazy lie making her to calm down or to feel blackmailed(depending if you played the chapter again and again until you reach gold rank).

Opponent: Seong Mi-na

Chapter 20

After the fight(if you watch the cutscene) Seong Mi-Na is duped by Dampierre, she runs away stating Dampierre's facial hair is not impressive compared to her master's. You then immedialty leave to set out for the beard Mi-na spoke of, giving a reference to the '1000 year old beard" ingredient. You reach the hall of the warrior god and faces a man named Kilik who is consent on stopping you from reaching his master. Later in the fight he revealed that his master was the Edge master, and he was injured and forced to be in bed until he recovers and it was Kilik's duty to protect him. After sparring with him, Dampierre claims that he is the "Edge Master" and wishes to speak with him. Finally ending the fight.

Opponent: Kilik

Chapter 21

After a peaceful discussion, you gain the beard of the old man. just then a girl named Xianghua claims to be looking for Kilik but is shocked to see Scoundrels in the hall and attacks. During the fight she and kilik goes into arguments like "why don't you ever tell me to focus?!"- Xianghua, "Oh please you're beyond that"- Kilik, "Kilik you're such a jerk!!!"-Xianghua. After the fighting just barely surviving her attacks, she decides to hear you out.

Opponent: Xianghua

Chapter 22

Xianghua reports to Kilik that their good friend Maxi had ran off for revenge despite his injuries due to the presence of the evil shard inside him. You and your party joined by Kilik and Xianghua split into two teams searching for him. You and Dampierre track down a Maxi look-alike but seems to be under the wrong impression and refuses to make sense. During your fight several bounty hunters and assassins claiming him to be Li Long cuts in and interrupts while you and him fend them and each other off. In between the fight the actual Li long races across the field with Hilde and Cassandra behind him. After a lunch break, you and Maxi finally square off and you are able to defeat him without the use of Dampierre's traps and tricks.

Opponent: Maxi

Chapter 23

After finally able to capture Maxi you are interrupted by an earthquake and comes the soul devouring golem of hell Astaroth as you prepare to run away someone pushes you from behind and you are able to dodge his attacks by doing Ukemis. After being left for dead, you decide to defend yourself. After all the punishment, Maxi decides to help you out stating you have to cover him while he recovers. In the end, Maxi finishes Astaroth and knocks him down. Both of you, thankful to each other, run away from Astaroth and part ways.

Opponent: Astaroth

Chapter 24

After being forced to act as a decoy, you narrowly escape from death and rejoin your friends. The beauty of friendship brings tears to your eyes. While following Cassandra's suggestion, you travel to Greece. arriving at a God Temple to get the "Piece of God" ingredient you are then halted by Cassandra's older sister: Sophitia, who is content on stopping you from damaging the temple. Acting as a decoy, you fend off Sophitia from the teammates while they Chisel at the Statue. As the fighting continues the battle is interrupted by Rothion, Sophitia's husband, who then stops the fight, ending the misunderstanding.

Opponent: Sophitia

Chapter 25

Finally, after a discussion you and your party apologize to Sophita while Dampierre is successful in getting the 'Piece of God' ingredient. Just then, Nightmare appears and asks for your assistance from a figure who is chasing him. The girl chasing him is considered to be Tira who is desperate to give up her life to revive soul edge. You then decide to help nightmare out.

Opponent: Tira

Chapter 26

After fending off Tira, you only need one more ingredient to concoct the medicine needed by Hilde's father. the 'Sand From Another World' is the only ingredient missing and Dampierre gives a suggestion in visiting his acquaintance. His friend appears to be Zasalamel, the sage of time. he states you as a nuisance and forces you to leave.

Opponent: Zasalamel

Chapter 27

After convincing Zasalamel to bring you to the 'other world' you arrive at what it looks like as a Sacrificial chamber. sensing a bloodlust someone attacks you from his back using chain blades. As the dust settles it is revealed that your assailant was the God of War Kratos, seeing as he is interested that a mortal human was able to fend off an immortal and gets serious. After surviving hours of facing Kratos, you escape the realm through the portal back to your world. You weren't able to get the sand yourself but Dampierre was able to sneak sand into his sleeves. SUCCESS!!!

Opponent: Kratos

Chapter 28

After finally getting all the ingredients needed, there is one more thing needed to be done, the soul of Cervantes. The sound of the name terrifies you, Dampierre and Cassandra. This makes you travel to Valentine's mansion, home of professor Ivy and upon arrival just barely dodging the serpent blade, behind you Hilde and Cassandra tries to contain their laughter while Dampierre supports you. After a while she then tells you that if you can't bring Cervante's soul she demands other payment of equal value: a high quality chair to soothe her soul which is YOU. She attacks you and you successfully fend her off.

Opponent: Ivy

Chapter 29

Eventually you decide to go after Cervantes. After searching the seven seas, you find the ghost ship Adrian with Cervantes trying to recruit you as his ghostly crew, you resist him despite his superhuman and deadly fast moves. But as he deems you worthy, he agrees to give you his soul.

Opponent: Cervantes

Chapter 30

you are able to give Cervantes' soul to Ivy and she begins to make the medicine immediately, but while she does it Cassandra accidentally breaks the statue and the man inside it starts to come out. This man appears to be Siegfried. Nightmare's destroyer and keeper of the sword of light and hope. He seems confused and mistakes you for Nightmare eventually he starts attacking you and your party. After a while he seems to have his senses back and apologizes. he is then content on grabbing you on your feet and hurl you into the water, but in the end Dampierre's lies convince him that he is a friend of his father and Siegfried...ashamed to have attacked friends of his father

Opponent: Siegfried

Chapter 31

The ingredient is finally finished, You and your party are filled with joy! You then make the journey home to the Wolfkrone Kingdom. but then Setsuka blocks your path stating that a man named Mitsurugi will attack worthy warriors and she is content of keeping you from him. but you won't let her stop you after he surprise attacks from her parasol blades you defeat her

Opponent: Setsuka

Chapter 32

as you return to the wolfkrone kingdom. reports of a one man army by the Samurai Mitsurugi is headed to the kingdom. You and your friends prepare the defense as Mitsurugi arrives. Mitsurugi tears the wolfkrone forces apart leaving only you and himself left. after proving to yourself that you are better than him he vows to return to fight you again and retreats.

Opponent: Mitsurugi

Chapter 33

after the battle with Mitsurugi, the wolfkrone forces prepare to heal their wounds. but as for you, you know one thing left is still to be done. You quietly leave the kingdom and climb the tower of Remembrance to face the Hero king Algol. he deems you worthy as you are able to fend him off but you quickly lose your energy from defending and striking back, just then the sound of familiar voices gives you hope as Cassandra and Dampierre who noticed you going and followed you are there at your side supporting you and together you defeat the hero king and has returned peace back to the land.

Opponent: Algol

Chapter 34-Finale

After the many chapters, your quest reaches its end. Hilde's father is on the path to recovery and Cassandra and Dampierre are seen as heroes by the people of Wolfkrone. While remembering all the people you met during your travel, Algol appears and challenges you again, a new battle begins.

On that note ends the Gauntlet.