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A Throw (also known as a Grab) is a special type of attack maneuver. Each character has many different throws at his disposal. Throws require very close range to execute and have the ability to bypass an opponent's guard. During a throw, the player has no control over his character ("autopilot" takes over, so to speak), and the opponent cannot defend. Throws always miss crouching opponents and are susceptible to Guard Impacts. In addition, throws can be resisted if the defending combatant inputs the command for a throw as his opponent's comes in contact. For example, if player A predicts player B's throw and inputs the command for a throw just as B's hands touch him, A would resist player B's throw, and B would be shoved back a bit.

Types of Throws

There are two types of throws, B+G and A+G (named by their method of execution), with the latter divided into subcategories Back throw, Right side throw, and Left side throw (named for the executor's location relative to the defender's stance at time of initiation).

The power of an A+G throw depends on its location, with a frontal throw being weaker than the Side throws and a Back throw being the strongest. Each throw (frontal, Left side, Right side, and Back) normally has its own unique animation.

B+G throws are sometimes stronger than A+G throws and do not change with the executor's location relative to the opponent (unless the executor is at the opponent's back, in which case a Back A+G throw will always be executed). Oftentimes, B+G throws offer ring-out potential.

Special Throws

Some throws (usually character specific) require further button input, normally employing the D-pad or a certain stance. For example, Siegfried and Nightmare both possess throws which can be executed from a crouching position, Xianghua possess throws that only work on crouching opponents, while Ivy can execute immensely powerful throws which require over eight consecutive D-pad inputs in varying directions.

See also Attack throws.

Note: Yoda, Colossus, and Night Terror are immune to throws due to their respective sizes.