"Gloomy gets angry if I go overboard."
— Jolly Tira
"I wish Jolly would choose more worthy opponents!"
— Gloomy Tira

Tira (ティラ, Tira) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. She appeared in the game Soulcalibur VI as the first downloadable character of the Season 1 Pass. This marks her debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline.

She is nicknamed Bird of Death.


Soulcalibur VI

Europe is home to a group of assassins called the Flyway Falcons, who operate in the shadows. One of its members was Tira, who was raised from a baby in the art of murder. Not many could match her skill. However, when the Evil Seed event occurred while she was on a mission, the group’s leader was driven insane, which led to the disbanding of the Falcons.

As a result, Tira was left without anywhere to go, and lacking direction. Though she was taken in by a family, her “normal” life did not last long—such mundanity could never have been enough for her. Tira flew into a rage over a trivial matter, killing every last one of her new family, and then set off on a journey to claim as many lives as she could.

Tira had always been emotionally unstable, but the incident with her adoptive family had pushed her over the edge. As her journey continued, she exhibited increasingly strong signs of mania, which eventually led to her personality splitting in two. Her more jubilant side became known as Jolly; her moodier side, Gloomy.

One day, she happened upon the aftereffects of Nightmare’s cruelty. Despite thinking she had grown numb towards death, the level of his atrocities took even Tira aback. Bewitched by the Azure Knight’s handiwork, she set out to locate him. However, when she arrived at Ostrheinsburg, he was nowhere to be found. According to a man who carried a great scythe, Nightmare was nothing more than a puppet to the cursed sword Soul Edge. If that was the case, she decided, then she would set her sights on finding the blade itself. By now she was convinced beyond doubt they were fated to meet...

Libra of Soul

Tira came across the Conduit as she was being hunted down by the Bird of Passage. When she was seemingly kidnapped, she left a trail of crumbs from the bread she received from the Conduit to have them follow her trail. Upon arriving at the assassin headquarters, Tira massacred the members of the Bird of Passage and attacked the Conduit when they arrived. She had them cornered but then accidentally threw her weapon at a worn wall. As it crumbled, Tira was dragged down with the debris, and the Conduit could not tell if she was dead or alive.

Physical Appearance

Tira is a teenage girl of average height and slender build. Her hair is multi-colored, the right side being predominantly black with the left being predominantly teal. Her hair is done in ragged, wild pigtails, giving her the impression of a harlequin. Her torso and face are also streaked with violet body paint.


Like in the original timeline, Tira uniquely suffers from disassociative identity disorder (multiple personalities) which manifests in the forms of Jolly, seemingly her original persona, and Gloomy, a persona that emerged when she killed her foster parents. While prone to bickering between themselves, they are both ruthless killers who enjoy the act of murder.

Jolly, as per her name, is the more exuberant of the two, perky and upbeat. Jolly finds it easier to blend in to society and more cunning, often planning out her kill and toying with her prey. Her voice in this state is higher pitched and prone to giggling.

Gloomy is the opposite, being callous, impatient, brutal and quick to anger. Gloomy prefers just to attack regardless of her target being isolated or with witnesses. As such, she tends to get the pair into trouble when she's unable to keep her bloodlust in check. In this state Tira's voice drops in pitch, becoming gruffer and more subdued. She dislikes being called "Eiserne Drossel."

Both personalities also take a keen interest in Nightmare, enraptured by the destruction left in his wake.


She wears a female version of the Bird of Passage's dress code: A light green torn shirt under a black cape with gold armor plates and purple accents with a matching skirt, green gauntlets, black torn shorts, and a pair of golden boots with a skull relief on the knees that end with a set of green feathers.

Her Color 2 recolors her outfit to white and purple and her hair white and black. Her boots and gauntlets have silver armor plates while she also gets light purple accents in this outfit.

Her Color 3 recolors her inner top white and other parts of her outfit blue with white accents. Her boots and gauntlets have gold armor plates once again and her hair is recolored blonde and dark brown. She also sports black feathers in this outfit.

Her Color 4 is a reference to her Soulcalibur IV Player 1 costume. Her inner top is gold, while the rest of her outfit is red. Her gauntlets and boots are also recolored to all gold. Her feathers and clothing accents are recolored green and her hair is recolored to all black and becomes messier.

Fighting Style

Eiserne Drossel

“Iron Thrush” was Tira’s code name while she was a member of the assassin guild, Birds of Passage. This name may come from the scraping noise her ring blade makes as it grinds against her metal gauntlets, the sound of which some say resembles a thrush.

The outer edge of Tira’s weapon is one razor-sharp blade, which makes it extremely dangerous to wield. The blade is also designed to kill in an extremely violent and unique way, and those who know what to look for can tell at a glance that the slain was the victim of the Bird of Passage. Additionally, Bird of Passage assassins like Tira are trained to brutally mutilate their victims after death as a means of displaying the organization’s strength, and this has helped earn them a fearsome reputation

As Tira is no longer a member of the Bird of Passage, she doesn’t care about any of that anymore. What matters most to her is the song her little birdy sings which satisfies her endless and ferocious appetite for blood.

Dance of Death

Tira still fondly remembers the assassination techniques her Parent Bird taught her; the graceful movements they employed while toying with their prey, the merciless way they pursued their quarry, and the look of sheer ecstasy on their face when they finally moved in to clain the kill. It was… beautiful.

Tira doesn’t remember much from when she was forced to kill her Parent bird, but her teacher is always there in the back of her mind when she closes in for a kill. Though Tira has since left the Bird of Passage, her dangerous fighting technique remains a relic of her affiliation with it. At a certain point, Tira’s mind became unhinged and her personality split into two. Naturally, this has an effect on her techniques. One side of her personality relishes in the unadulterated joy of slaughter, while the other is filled with a cold and calculating malice as it kills. The sudden transition from one personality and fighting style to the other often startles her opponent, and Tira never fails to exploit this to dispatch her victims.

One thing Tira’s opponents must never, ever to do is awaken her true personality, which she keeps buried deep down inside her. Doing so would be touching on the taboo, and only anathema awaits those that rouse this beast.

Critical Edge

Bleak Concerto: A fast, rising middle attack that can be used in air combos. If unleashed while Jolly, it'll finish with Tira transforming into Gloomy. If unleashed while Gloomy, however, it will perform a follow-up attack that deals a huge amount of damage.



Soulcalibur VI

Jolly Side

  • "I'm gonna kill you!" — Character Select, 1P
  • "It's time to party!" — Character Select, 2P
  • "Hey Gloomy, can I kill this one?"
  • "I found a new one! Lucky me!"
  • "Ooh, I'm getting goosebumps! Say that again."
  • "It's gonna be fun to watch you grovel!"
  • "You're so adorable, all bloody and broken..."
  • "Killing's so much better when it's not work."
  • "Gloomy gets angry if I go overboard."
  • "I'm gonna sit right here, and watch you bleed out."
  • "Let's dance!"
  • "Show me... blood!"
  • "La-da-di-dum!"
  • "You...dummy..."
  • "Here we...go!"
  • "Ready?"
  • "Break apart!"
  • "Alright!"
  • "This is fun!"
  • "So much... fun!"
  • "Hey now!"
  • "How's this?!"
  • "Go away!"
  • "Coming?"
  • "Come play with me!"
  • "How'd this happen?!" — spoken during Ring Out.
  • "This is kinda fun!" — spoken during second Ring Out.
  • "Breaking...apart...again..." — spoken during standing KO
  • "You think you're so perfect!" — spoken while fighting Sophitia and Talim.
  • "I hate girly girls!" — spoken while fighting Talim.
  • "What, you wanna play?" — spoken during Reversal Edge.
  • "How should I kill you?" — spoken during Reversal Edge.
  • "You're falling apart!" — spoken during Reversal Edge.
  • "I'm getting goosebumps!" — spoken during Reversal Edge while low on health.
  • "I love your hair!" — spoken during Reversal Edge against Maxi.
  • "That sword's super cute!" — spoken during Reversal Edge against Nightmare.
  • "I think we're gonna get along!" — spoken during Reversal Edge against Voldo.
  • "Wanna see me cry?" — spoken during Reversal Edge against Sophitia.
  • "So close!" — spoken while dodging Reversal Edge.
  • "Aw, poor you!" — spoken during counter Reversal Edge.
  • "What to do?" — spoken during counter Reversal Edge.
  • "This might be it for me!" — spoken during counter Reversal Edge while low on health.
  • "Are you broken?"
  • "Uh-oh!" — spoken after a Guard Crush
  • "Can I hollow you out?"
  • "Want me to play with you?" — spoken while blocking Reversal Edge.
  • "How would you like to die?" — spoken while blocking Reversal Edge.
  • "You look like you wanna die!" — spoken while blocking Reversal Edge.
  • "Such a rush!"
  • "I'm getting goosebumps!"
  • "Jeez, go away already!"
  • "Well... I hope you enjoy this!" — spoken upon activating Soul Charge
  • "How about... going down with me?" — spoken upon activating Soul Charge at low health
  • "Time for that climax!" — spoken at the beginning of the final round, while gaining meter.
  • "I'm gonna slice you!" — spoken upon activating Critical Edge.
  • "Is this it?! Seriously?!" — spoken during Critical Edge
  • "I'm loving this." — spoken after Critical Edge in Chapter 1 of her Soul Chronicle
  • "Ah...this is the life..." — spoken after KO Critical Edge in Chapter 1 of her Soul Chronicle
  • "I'm going to turn you into something beautiful!"
  • "I wanna be your friend!" — spoken during decisive round against Nightmare.
  • "This is the best!" — spoken during decisive round.
  • "Mmm, I like the smell of that sword!" — spoken when engaging a battle with Nightmare.
  • "How 'bout we both use that sword for a killing spree?" — spoken in victory against Nightmare.
  • "Feels good!" — spoken when defeated by Nightmare.
  • "What?! I wanna keep playing!" — spoken when losing by Time Out.
  • "You're just too cool." — spoken when losing by Time Out to Nightmare
  • "This is... really annoying." — spoken when losing by Time Out to Sophitia
  • "Hey, come play with me!" — spoken when taunting
  • "I can't...stand that!" — spoken when taunting while low on health
  • "I'm gonna...slice and dice ya!" — spoken when taunting a KO'd opponent
  • "Owie!"

Gloomy Side

  • "Looks like you have a death wish." — Character select, 1P, unused
  • "I'll destroy you!" — Character select, 2P, unused
  • "You're no match for me. Let's make this quick." — Standard entrance, unused
  • "So many people begging to be killed." — Standard entrance, unused
  • "Shut up and die!" — Standard entrance, unused
  • "You don't need your head, do you?" — Standard entrance, unused
  • "Bloodbath!"
  • "Genocide!"
  • "You dimwit!"
  • "Little coward!"
  • "Are you afraid?!"
  • "Damn nobody!"
  • "Hi-yah!"
  • "I want to see your blood!" — spoken during Ring Out.
  • "How could someone like you...?!" — spoken during Ring Out.
  • "You're far from innocent!" — spoken while fighting Sophitia and Talim.
  • " my tongue..." — Standing KO.
  • "This is crazy!"
  • "You're so annoying!"
  • "Quit your whining!"
  • "Why are things never easy?!"
  • "Just die... right now!" — spoken upon activating Soul Charge
  • "If I'm going down... You are too!" — spoken upon activating Soul Charge on low health
  • "Quit your screaming!" — spoken during Reversal Edge.
  • "Where shall I begin?" — spoken during Reversal Edge.
  • "You do wanna die, right?" — spoken during Reversal Edge.
  • "You're dead!"
  • "Why must you get in my way?!" — spoken during Reversal Edge on low health.
  • "Quit wasting time!" — spoken during Reversal Edge on low health.
  • "Just die already!" — spoken during Reversal Edge on low health.
  • "Just give up!"
  • "Infuriating!"
  • "So much for fun!"
  • "Stop resisting!" — spoken during counter Reversal Edge
  • "This is crazy!"
  • "You're really boring me!"
  • "Just give up and die!"
  • "Let's give it a try!" — spoken during Reversal Edge against Nightmare.
  • "This could be fun."
  • "You have potential." — spoken during Reversal Edge against Voldo.
  • "You're really creepy!" — spoken during Reversal Edge against Sophitia.
  • "Makes me sick!"
  • "What's with...that hair?" — spoken during Reversal Edge against Maxi.
  • "What a buzzkill!" — spoken while dodging Reversal Edge.
  • "What a moron!" — spoken while dodging Reversal Edge.
  • "Scream for me." — spoken upon activating Critical Edge.
  • "Such a beautiful... sound!" — spoken during critical Edge
  • "That can't be it, right?" — spoken when Critical Edge doesn't KO an opponent while in Gloomy Mode
  • "I'm not satisfied yet!" — spoken when Critical Edge doesn't KO an opponent while in Jolly Mode
  • "Heeyah!" — spoken when Critical Edge KO's an opponent while in Jolly Mode
  • "I've already had enough of this..." — spoken after defeating an opponent with Critical Edge.
  • "Searching for victims can be so boring."
  • "I wish Jolly'd choose more worthy opponents."
  • "You're still alive? I must be losing my touch!"
  • "How many more should I send to the grave today?"
  • "Let me... crush your heart." — spoken when taunting.
  • "He-heh, cat got your tongue?" — taunt after KO.
  • " you're the famous Azure Knight..." — spoken when engaging in battle against Nightmare, unused.
  • "Heh, it's like you and I are on the same wavelength." — spoken in victory against Nightmare.
  • "You're amazing!" — spoken when defeated by Nightmare
  • "This is the pits!" — spoken during decisive round.
  • "I'm gonna enjoy destroying you!" — spoken during decisive round.
  • "What beautiful noises..." — spoken during decisive round.
  • "Just killing you wouldn't be enough!"
  • "What's your problem?" — spoken after losing by Time Out
  • "This guy's...killed more than me." — spoken after losing to Nightmare by Time Out
  • "Could your face be any more annoying?!" — spoken after losing to Sophitia by Time Out
  • "How dare you!"
  • "Irritating!"
  • "Time to die!"
  • "Hurry up and die!"
  • "So annoying!"
  • "Stop doing that!"
  • "I'll kill you!"
  • "Damn!"
  • "Quit it!"
  • "Is that it?!"
  • "Don't bother me!"
  • "Whatever!"
  • "Nuisance!"
  • "I'll...shred you!"
  • "I'll...paint you red!"
  • "You wanna fight?"
  • "Just...shut up!"
  • "Know...your place!"
  • "What a pain..."
  • "How pathetic..."



SOULCALIBUR VI - PS4 XB1 PC - Tira (DLC Character announcement trailer)

SOULCALIBUR VI - PS4 XB1 PC - Tira (DLC Character announcement trailer)


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