Toki (トキ, also read as 斗鬼) is Taki's master/sensei and former leader of the Fu-Ma Ninjas. He was the one who found and raised Taki. Although a benevolent man, he fell into the influence of evil and sought the mystical sword Mekki-Maru to grow in strength. Hachibei, formerly co-leader of the group, escaped with the blade and his daughter, Chie, and went into hiding. Still, Toki would not stop until Mekki-Maru was in his possession, so he sent various ninjas, Taki with them, to find Hachibei. Eventually he found out Taki lied to him about Hachibei's aforementioned death in an attempt to keep Hachibei safe. Toki sent his right-hand man Geki to retrieve Mekki-Maru from her. Geki wasn't successful, but Toki kept sending ninjas against his former student. His last battle was against Taki in the Buddha Sanctum. He absorbed the powerful demon Gel-o-Fury and stood against Taki, who defeated him with the techniques he taught her. Upon his last words, Gel-o-Fury - still merged with Toki's soul - escaped his host and flew westward, eventually being consumed by Soul Edge.

17 years later, Taki heard rumors that Toki was still alive. She left on a journey to the west to investigate.

In Other Characters' Storylines

Toki warned Nobunaga against the Manji clan and Mekkimaru. Nobunaga went "Must crush Manji Clan". Nobunaga, Toki and his Yasunobeshû attacked the village while Yoshimitsu was away (summoned by Nobunaga), and Toki seized the occasion to secretly steal Mekki-Maru.


  • Toki was a playable character in Soulcalibur: Unbreakable Soul, where players could get his avatar card from the special event, "Defeat Fu-Ma Chief Toki."
  • New Legends of Project Soul states that Toki's soul - still merged with Gel-o-Fury - was consumed by Soul Edge at some point.


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