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Tomoe is an NPC character from Soulcalibur III and Soulcalibur IV in Chronicles Of The Sword & Tower Of Souls. Tomoe is a female assassin alongside with Ryuki. She can be created in Character Creation mode with the kunai discipline and Soul of Yoshimitsu.


  • In Soulcalibur lV, Tomoe's fighting partner is Ryuki. Both of them are tag team partners during a fight.
  • Tomoe is the name of Naginata (Weapon) in Koei's "Samurai Warriors".

Chronicles Of The Sword

Chronicle 19



Level: 50

Job: Assassin

Discipline: Kunai

Weapon: Kazekirimaru

Tower Of Lost Souls Details & Skills

TOLS Ascend Floor Challenge: No Man's Land (Floor 18)

Partner(s): Ryuki

Base: Yoshimitsu

Weapon: Yoshimitsu (1P)

Skills: Auto Impact B

Auto Grapple Break B

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