Tower of Glory: Most Holy Dichotomy
Background music Regalia
Home to Algol (SC5)
"The warrior climbs to the summit of good and evil."
— Narrator

This stage is set somewhere in Astral Chaos. It consists of an octagonal platform with eight walls at each angle and eight sides for ring-outs.

Created by Algol, the arena overflows with both good and evil energy. Statues surround the arena, representing eight heroes who are associated with Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. The essences of both swords can be seen on the floor, entwined in silent conflict.


  • The stage resembles the Conqueror's Colisseum stage, in terms of being a combat arena surrounded by statues.
  • Various statues encircle the ring and all of them carry "The Master" version weapons of well-known main characters of previous iterations:
    • Sword and shield
    • Axe and shield
    • Lance and short sword
    • Scythe (the only weapon not represented by The Master, instead it appears to be Kafziel)
    • Zweihänder 
    • Halberd
  • Ironically, neither Zasalamel nor anyone with his weapon or fighting style appear in Soul Calibur V. In addition, there is no axe and shield user due to Aeon switching to dual-axes for Soulcalibur V.
  • The statues around the ring are wearing variations of CaS pieces, such as the greaves from the honor boots without the boots, the snake armlets without the snakes, and the roman wrap without the front flap.


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