Tower of Glory: Spiral of Good and Evil
Tower of glory
Background music Master of Edges
Home to Edge Master (SCV)
"Only one will stand triumphant beyond good and evil."
— Narrator

This stage is similar to the Tower of Remembrance - Spiral of Time. The stage is completely enclosed with alternating walls and glass windows. The windows can be shattered, leaving possibilities of ring-outs, unlike the similar stage where you cannot shatter the windows.

Algol had used his powers within Astral Chaos to create the Tower of Glory. The Tower of Glory stands even taller than the Tower of Remembrance, which Algol had originally created when he still lived as a mortal.


  • Soul Calibur and Soul Edge (short sword version) can be seen in the windows of this level.
  • This level is also the background for the Character Selection screen.
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