Underground Buddhist Sanctum
Underground Bhuddhist Sanctum
Background music The Cursed Image
Home to Taki (SCIII)

There is a secret place within the Hoko temple -- a knowledge forbidden to be spread. That place is an underground Buddha shrine which was constructed using spiritually twisted methods. The shrine contains feng shui bowls made of felled jomon cedar trees severed from their natural chi. There is also a bizarre Great Buddha made from the iron of weapons confiscated during Toyotomi Hideyoshi's great disarmament of the country's peasants.

This place includes a tributary of the spiritually rich underground waterways that crisscross Japan, and is a place in which dark powers gather. Once before, in this place, Taki, with her sword Mekki-Maru in hand, sealed an ancient evil spirit.

Soulcalibur III - Underground Buddhist Sanctum

Soulcalibur III - Underground Buddhist Sanctum

Through the dark power of Soul Edge, the head of the Fu-Ma clan, Toki, had become a demi-demon and had merged with several evil spirits, including the evil spirit that Taki had sealed. His fight with Taki occurred in this sinister great Buddha shrine. Bathed time and time again in powerful spiritual forces, this shrine has become a nest for all sorts of creatures, demons, and spirits.

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