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Akida first appeared in soul calibur II as a guest character, he was supposed to appear only in that series but seeing that he was quite a nice addition to the soul series he is now a permanent character.


Akida wasn't exactly a good guy he was, a cruel person.In fact he was actually a payed assassin who would murder anyone for a price, and no one knows this... except his eldest sister.One day as he was simply walking down an empty street,a man in azure armor came across him."Souls..." he whispered under his breath. Then all of a sudden he was slashed and he got knocked out. When he had finally came to  he found himself in unbelievable pain- but at least he was alive. He looked around his surroundings and found himself in some kind of a lab. When a girl suddenly came in. Akida was surprised the girl was an alchemist that got chased out of the town for suspicion of witchcraft. Luckily though Akida was a child who understood alchemy."You're finally awake, the world thinks you're dead you know". "well anyways seeing as i brought you back to life- not completely human though". Thats when Akida investigated his body he saw that parts of his body were jet black and he had fangs and claws on his left hand, he also noticed that his left eye was glowing red."so...if you could please- u-um i mean, i order you to find me soul edge!".Soul edge he thought, the accursed sword."Allright then if you want the accursed sword then i'll get it for you "Master"". "uh- um please just call me selia- e-eh i mean call me selia you low-life!". Just by looking into her eyes Akida could tell that she was actually forcing herself to be mean."oh, by the way i'm coming with you"."you sure? it'll be dangerous but... okay then". And then he finally set out on his journey for soul edge. On his way towards oihensburg castle he ran into Kilik,Maxi,and Xianghua seeing Akida's appearance they thought he was an enemy and beat him and Selia up. After the event of the evil seed he woke feeling his blood tingling probably because of fragments of soul edge from the time he was first attack. After seeing Selia wake up he felt a sudden rush of thirst and attacked her. Before Akida delivered the final blow he obtained control of himself "wh-what have i done!?" "uhh you're losing control, i was nearly killed" . After calming down Selia said "if you turn human again maybe you will be sane again". "I guess if we found soul edge maybe i could do research and find a way to fix you"."But maybe you're right i should stay home..."."Thanks for that".And so once again he searched for soul edge. In soul calibur IV  Akida and Selia found out about the other sword soul calibur and decided to pursue it because the spirit sword was more likely to solve both their troubles. What lies in his soul is repentance

Fighting style

He has the one of the longest ranges of attacks in the whole series and his attacks are pretty fast though still slower than most. But his attacks are strong and his commands also involve a lot of moving so he can be considered both offensive and defensive, his only flaw is that if his attacks miss he takes a while too recover


Soul calibur II

After obtaining soul edge he returned to selia and gave it to her then she said "thank you for finding it".Then she spoke under her breath"now time to do some research".

Soul calibur III

at the lost cathedral he aproached the soul edge then suddenly the sword tries to take him over

INPUT: He maintains his mind and then returns to the lab. after arriving Selia says "Lets go back and research a way to fix us"

NO INPUT:The sword takes him over and then he returns to the lab. in the lab Akida approaches selia then the screen fades out and we hear her screams.

Soul calibur IV

Algol falls on his knees and says "I have been bested... finish me..." "Why would i?" Said Akida "Yeah we only came for the swords"Says Selia "Look You're not a bad guy, if you want to make your kingdom go ahead" And as they leave Algol says"Youth these days...". The screen fades out and when it fades back in We see Akida getting up from an operating table looking human "There... that should do it, Now what are you gonna do? are you going back?..." "Of course... " Then he suddenly hugs her "not!" they both laugh and the screen fades out the epilogue says The two swords were forever guarded by the couple who would stay together forever.


  • Halberd
  • Spear
  • Giant rake
  • Glaive
  • Orthrus
  • Alucard
  • Kain's lance
  • Bardiche
  • Soul Edge (Complete)
  • Hades
  • Cuchulain
  • Soul Calibur
  • Bamboo spear
  • Flagpole


Underground lab(sc II)

the secret lab unknown to the outside

Lab Outpost(sc III)

A post that holds the secret entrance to the lab

Secret lab(sc IV)

Same as the underground lab but with a different song


Character selection


"Its killing time"

Before battle

  • "I'll send you to hell!"
  • "Destroy!I'll destroy you!"
  • "Hehe...Hahahaha! DIE!"
  • "Please forgive me..."(against Selia)
  • "My revenge... prepare for it!"(against Nightmare)
  • "Tomorrow will never come for you"
  • "Id love to fight you... but i'm to lazy to"
  • "Old man, your time has come"(against Heihachi or Cervantes)
  • "I hate kids... Wait i'm also a kid..."(against younger enemies)
  • "I'll send you flying far far away!"(against Yoda,Apprentice or Darth Vader)
  • "You're a lot like me..."(against lizardman generic or not)
  • "Our rematch will begin now!"(against Kilik or Siegfried)
  • "They just keep coming!"(in consecutive battles)
  • "I'll give you eternal rest"(against Zasalamel)
  • "Pay me if i win okay?"
  • "You want me to beat you again big boy?(against Astaroth)
  • "Hell is paradise compared to me..."

After battle

  • "That was... tiring"
  • "I... barely made it..."
  • "Damn you, i actually had to make an effort!"
  • "huh? i won already?"
  • "Pathetic, truly pathetic'..."
  • "Even Selia's tougher than you- no offense Selia"
  • "Hahahahahahaha *cough* *cough*"
  • "I love killing... but its so tiring..."
  • "Damn i got blood on my favourite shirt "(When using his standard costume [sc III])
  • "Sorry..."(against Selia)
  • "Hehe... my revenge is complete!"(against Nightmare)
  • "Pitiful"
  • *sigh*
  • "I am the victor this time"(against Siegfried or Kilik)
  • "I've never met such a weak person..."
  • "Old man your 100 years too late to fight me"(against Heihachi or Cervantes)
  • "I don't really like bullying kids..."(against younger enemies)
  • "Ain't you a tough guy..."


  • Selia's servant/bodyguard
  • Had his life ruined by Nightmare
  • Defeated by Kilik
  • Defeated by Siegfried
  • Defeated Astaroth


Akida is a pessimist and lazy. He fell in love with his master and is willing to die for her. When he enters a battle he kinda goes insane. And he's extremely cheap with money.

Critical finish

First he says "Prepare to go to hell...".First he attacks the enemy with 3 thrusts from his spear then he kicks the enemy far away after that he throws his spear then he runs towards the enemy and impales his mutated left arm through the enemy after that the enemy fall to the ground and Akida says "you never stood a chance..." if he uses it on selia he catches her when she drops to the ground he hugs her and then he says "...i-i am so sorry..."


  • His glowing left eye changes color from red-green-purple every 10 seconds
  • He always wears a silver greave on his left leg
  • His second costume is always the same as Selia's but with a ripped left sleeve
  • His fated battle is against Lizardman
  • Akida is the only monstrous character who can use soul calibur


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