aka Devlin

  • I live in Jupiter
  • My occupation is Angel
  • I am male
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==Welcome To My Page==
Hello, I'm Devlin and I am friends with [[User:Sakurasyoaran124]] on this wikia. I have several fanchars that interact with hers, so be prepared for them! Before joining this wikia I saw a fancharacter on here named Leandra Scott, and I thought she was pretty cool.... Okay, that was random... btw... I'm in LOVE with Tira(not literally).
By the way. If anyone was wondering my Profile pciture is NOT Zane. It's Seres Saharah.
==Fav Characters==
My favorite Characters:
==Fav Fighting Styles==
==My Fan Characters==
*Note, some of these are listed on [[User:Sakurasyoaran124]]'s page*
[[/Zane Shadow/]]
Kyou "Denzel" Nakamura
[[User:DeimosCatZane/Isaac and Richy|Richy Cloude]]
[[User:DeimosCatZane/Isaac and Richy|Isaac Cloude]]
[[/Yuriko and Tsubasa/]]

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