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Potrait of Master Hwang

ERICARD Anything else?
The Legendary Hwang Seong-gyeong!
Greetings to all Soulcalibur/Souledge fans, I am one of the Admin in Soulcalibur Wiki. So, if there is any problem with it, I would gladly help. Just give me a feedback if you would like to leave a words.

I am also an admin in:

Name: Ericard


Legend of Wikia: The founder of Soulcalibur Manga Comic.


Operations: Web Designes and Game Creator. 

Age: 26

Lived: M'sia

Race: Chinese

Religion: Guanyin

thumb|300px|right|The final battle between Master Hwang and Strife in CoTS.Most played: Soulcalibur III

Dislike: Soulcalibur II

Strong Ability: Soul of Mitsurugi, Soul of Olcadan, Sickle and Soul of Siegfried.

Weak Ability: Dagger, Glaive and Nunchaku.

Comment: Namco should make soulcalibur the movie  just like the Storm Warriors.

Favourite Character: Edge Master, Inferno, Charade, Olcadan, Mitsurugi, Siegfried, Nightmare, Hwang, Cervantes, Han Myeong and Seong Mina.

Life Quest: If I obtained the Soul Edge, I can never return to forevermore.

Decided weapon: Dawncalibur and Darkcalibur

My Current Goals

  • Add images whenever pertinent
  • Correct grammar/spelling
  • Convince FAQ owners to give us permission to their game walkthroughs, and then editing them to fit the site (Soulcalibur walkthrough needs some work)
  • Find all the random little english soulcalibur wikias I can and give them this message, or a personalized version: Hi, do you want to help with a soulcalibur wikia already well established? Why should you try to start from scratch? Please at least look at the Soulcalibur Wikia. We'd love your help!

Update: My last goal on this list only required about an hour. But all the wikias I found were from the last two or three months. Maybe I'll wait that long and see if there's a bunch more. All that's left is to see what sort of response we get.


ERICARD Anything else?
I will defeat the evil within!
I've unlocked Han-Myong from the Soul Edge was actual an info from my friend MCW. He is the only friend of mine who unlock Han-Myong by beat every character in the time-attack mode.

The first time I played Soul Series was Soul Edge. I've been crazy for that video games over 3 years. Then, I was so curios for been research on the next soul series. Years later, I saw the news that wrote: "New Soul Edge II!" in the chinese video games magazine but I wonder why they called Soul Edge II with new look on the characters such as Monster looking Astaroth, and new double stick hero such as Maxi with Elvis' uniforms.

Meanwhile, around year 2000 I played Soulcalibur Arcade and understanding the difficulty on the control system with few new character such as Lizardmen and Edge Master(He is cool and he holds Mitsurugi Style for the first time).

Few month later, Dreamcast is in my posession. I finally can play Soulcalibur along in the world map mode for the first time.



Chronicles of The Sword

My character: Master Hwang

The final battle between Master Hwang and Strife in CoTS.

Job: Sword Master

Weapon: Chinese Sword

Stage: Indian Port(Sail Over the Storm)

Level: 99

Complete the CoTS games: 7 times


Picture of Master Hwang was retreat during the battle.


Keres(Character Creation)

Berserker(Character Creation)

Dragon(Character Creation)

Swordsmith(Character Creation)

Swordsman(Character Creation and Information)

Fu-Ma Ninja(Character Creation and Information)

Footsoldier(Character Creation and Information)

General(Character Creation and Information)

Sentry(Character Creation and Information)

Bandit(Character Creation and Information)






Soulcalibur Manga Comic(Upload Video and Labels)

Blade stages(Complete provided)

Edge Master Diary(Complete provided)

Character Creation Soulcalibur III Slot:

1:Solnhofen(Swordsmaster) [Rapier]

2:Xianglin(Sage) [Chinese Blade]

3:Ukon(Ninja) [Soul of Setsuka]

4:Auguste(Thief) [Soul of Yun Seong]

5:Gargantua(Samurai) [Soul of Mitsurugi]

6:Phantasm(Pirate) [Chinese Sword]

7:Arcturus(Barbarian) [Soul of Nightmare]

8:Frederick(Knight) [Soul of Siegfried]

9:Waltraute(Gladiator) [Soul of Seong Mina]

10:Ortlinde(Saint) [Soul of Zasalamel]

Secret combo: Frederick/Siegfried's Combo can be perform, B+K, B, back, back+B, B (Damage 100+)

New articles:

Abandoned articles:

List of NPC from SCIV

Look at:

Mitsurugi sprite is decided by Ericard

Modifier Histories:

First: Battle Arena Toshinden Origin

Second: Transformer Origin

Third: Metal Gear Origin(Demo Only)

Fourth: Red Cyclone Zangief

Fifth: Shin Hiryu No Ken "Cancelled"

Sixth: Kamen Rider Zero(Demo Only)

Seventh: Soul Edge II(Demo Only)

Eighth: MegamanZero: X Revenge

Ninth: Castlevania LCD Chronicles

Tenth: Street Fighter Ultimate Collection

Eleventh Fighting Fantasy VII