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  • I live in Cassardis, Gransys Peninnsula
  • My occupation is Pathfinder


Hallo. I, myself, am a Soul Calibur fan. Ever since Soul Calibur for the Dreamcast to be precise. While here, I'll add information mostly pertaining to Soul Calibur II~IV since I am not the greatest fan of V. I'll also add things pertaining to my original characters as well as some peaks into my fictitious works revolving around Soul Calibur itself. If you've an interest in an in-depth Chronicles of the Sword mode (a fiction based upon that mode from Soul Calibur III, the best installment if you ask me, minus the changes to Talim) then do feel free to read The Mantis War and give me your review on what you think. Also, if you want to get in touch with me via PSN, it's LyricalDisparity.

I've a slight knack for editing photos, as you can see here:

Writing Style

Simply put, I have a darker style of writing. I prefer writing of blood, gore and things of the like. What does not help is that I tend to be a slight bit of a perfectionist. I'm doing my best not to be so tightly knit with that. However, I have two fiction which are in progress.

Hell: Is a fiction which is taking place before the next listed fiction and deals with a character which I've left on the backburner for far too long. If you are interest in a gore-filled story, then click below. 


The Mantis War: Is as you read. Pertaining to that mini mode in SC:III. However, I plan to continue to expand upon those little chapters by filling a story out from them. Basically building the interior to the castle (if you will). It is heavily filled with OC's (original characters) and I'm trying to bring a bit more of a historical feel to it. Events which happened in the past, I try to incorporate into this fiction more so than Hell.

So, if you liked Chronicles of the Sword, then do click below and read. Don't forget to let me know how I did as I welcome ideas for improvement and the like.

The Mantis War

Below are pictures which I pulled from my Ps3. Some were photoshopped while others were not. Some characters have their country's flag behind them while others do not.

The Mantis War Act: I Character Thumbnail Table
Commander Annebella Williams
Annebella Williams
Act I - Eurydice
Raine (Act I)
Raine Zhirova
Aliyah Ruel Halteese
Ky (Act; I thumbnail)
Kusanagi Ky
Raisa (Act I)
Arrai (Thumbnail)
Commander Priya Delgado (Act I)
Priya Delgado
Trevor (Act II)
Pfieffer Reaux (Act I thumbnail)
Pfieffer Reaux
Commander Dawn Larrieux (Act- II)
Dawn Larrieux
Surina (Act- I) thumbnail
Surina Delgado
E'laura (Act- I)
E'laura Riga
Riese's Prelude Card
Noémi Delácroix
Noémi Delácroix
Garrett Mulls
Garrett A. Mulls
Aeneas (Act I)
Act I - Kanon
Kami (brown eyes thumbnail)
Raiko (thumbnail)
Gallagher (Act I thumbnail)
Achilla (Act I)
Lupi (Act I)
Lupi (Lupine)
Aege (thumbnail)
Act I - Heal-Do
Act I - Eula
Luna (act I)
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