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  6. To be continued...

The Dark Avenger

Ending of Soul series...

The New Assignment

The store "Demons & Dragons", which Jessica so want to open, quickly began to bring a good profit. And soon the dragon-girl bought a two-story house in the center of the city, overlooking the square. It became both a point of acceptance of orders and a home for Alexander and Jessica.

It all began on a clear day, when the sun's rays made their way through the crown of trees and illuminated the spacious room. In the corner a big sword gleamed. Alexander, throwing his feet on the table, once again read the note, which a messenger delivered a minute ago.

Alexander: - Oh, really?...

The course of his thought broke off when Jessica entered the house with a bunch of papers.

Jessica: - I got a new assignment for us. It's not very complicated, but it should bring good profits.

Alexander responded without much enthusiasm:

- As I can see, you're not sitting still. Are all the dragons so restless?

Jessica SC5 60

Sad Jessica

Jessica: - No, not all. And do not forget, I'm half-dragon. Here is my father, for example...

She hesitated.

Alexander: - Sorry.

Jessica: - Nothing. You know, after the news of my father's death, I swore to take revenge on his murderer, but I didn't find out anything about him.

The voice of a cheerful girl is noticeably sad. Alexander decided to interrupt a sad silence, changing the subject:

- So what did you get for the task?

Jessica again shone, as if there was not that conversation:

- In a deserted castle on the mountain a woman appeared, a local woman called her the "Queen". The lady, along with her brazen retinue, had taken to leading fear into the district and kidnapping people.

Alexander: - You know, I do not take on things that involve disassembly between people.

Jessica: - Yeah-yeah, I know. But I already agreed. I'll have to find out what's there and how. Do not you go?

Demon Sanya 08


Alexander folded the note and put it in his pocket:

- No, I have some business in the city.

Jessica: - Okay, then this is my assignment. And a reward, by the way, too! It will take a couple of days, no more.

Alexander: - Good luck.

The demon passed by, took the sword and removed it behind his back, then left. And Jessica began to stuff her bag with everything necessary.

The Old Friend

Spider Serik 6

Serik "The Spider"

The demon entered the tavern, where him already waiting. A healthy man with purple skin sat on an empty veranda overlooking the sea, and carelessly sipped not the first mug. Next to the bench was a stuffed hiking bag, and beneath it, a huge axe, wrapped in brocade. Noticing the man who entered, the big man exclaimed in a cheerful voice:

- Alexander! Long time no see, my old friend!

Alexander looked at the call:

- Serik. I'm also glad to see you.

They exchanged strong friendly handshakes and settled themselves at the table.

Serik: - I never thanked you for your salvation from the clutches of those religious fanatics who decided to disassemble me for experiments. At least, give me to treat you a delicious lunch.

Serik ordered more drinks and fried meat. The busty waitress immediately brought a couple of mugs of beer and a pork knee.

Alexander: - What are your destinies in our region?

Serik: - I travel, I trade, I am engaged in mercenary business - all in a little. Now my road lies to Istanbul, and from there further to the east. In this city I turned out to be passing through. Accidentally I heard from local mercenaries about the shop "Demons & Dragons: The Evil Spirits Hunters", and that's sent the message there. For some reason I remembered you right away. What demon in the human world will be occupied with such nonsense?

Alexander rolled his eyes.

- The name was not invented by me. And in general all this enterprise is not my initiative.

He took a little sip from the mug. Serik grinned:

- Oh... is there a woman involved here?

Alexander: - Something like that.

Serik burst out laughing:

- Was there really a person capable of subduing a fire demon?

Alexander: - Do not say nonsense! A fire demon does not obey anyone! We are just business partners. She just decided to make a financial profit from my occupation.

Serik: - Yeah, it is not everyone who hunts monsters. As in the old days... Do you remember how we had to make our way through a forest full of trolls?

Alexander: - There were too many of them, but we got out.

Serik stood up, waving his arms and remembering long-standing events:

- Burning web! There you are! Where are you going? Hold more! Sticky fire! Yeah!

Spider Serik SC5 10


Exhausted, he flopped back on the bench, eagerly bit off a piece of a pork knee and sipped from the mug.

Alexander: - Do you remember the lair of that werewolf?

Serik: - Oh, then! The place of my bite hurt for a long time.

He grabbed his hand behind his ass and rubbed the place of his former wound. Alexander laughed:

- I told you - you do not need to tag its territory.

Serik: - It's not my fault! It was the call of nature!

Alexander: - But only the werewolf did not know about it.

They laughed cheerfully.

Serik: - Yeah... Glorious times. If my ship did not leave this evening, I would make you a company in the hunt. They say you've got vampires here.

Alexander: - Vampires?

Serik: - My friend, who lives in this city, you or I? In the hunter's guild, they are only spoken about in the morning, but nobody decides to tackle them. According to rumors, a woman named Scarlet commands a vampire, but the local call her the "Queen".

Alexander jumped from his seat:

- The "Queen?" Damn it! Jessica!...

Serik: - Is something wrong?

Alexander: - Yes, the great recklessness of my partner can cost her dearly.

Serik: - Well, I will not detain you. Run, save your princess from the dragon.

Alexander grinned at him:

- It's more like a dragon from the "Queen".

Serik: - Glorious hunting for you, my friend.

Alexander: - And to you a fair wind.

Serik: - See you again!

Jessica had already set off long ago. From the papers that the girl was leading, Alexander found the location of the target and went to her search.

Blood and Fire

Even in the light of day, the abandoned castle was gloomy. Heavy gray clouds constantly hung over it. And at night the darkness just swirled around. Approaching the gate, Alexander sensed a familiar aura. The demon looked around the surrounding landscape.

Alexander: - Show yourself, Bloodian!

The wall of the castle was covered with blood. Bloody divorces increased, forming one large spot. From the bloody portal formed Bloodian.

Demon Sanya Vs Bloodian SC5 4

Alexander meets Bloodian

Bloodian: - Long time no see, brother. How are you?

Alexander: - I guessed that there could not have been without your participation.

Bloodian: - You mean my little hobby with the breeding of vampires? Yes, I decided to arrange a small vacation in the world of mortals. Recover the forces spent in the battle with your daughter.

Alexander grinned: - So it's Angelina cutting you off? I didn't think that the young demoness would be able to cope with the great demon of blood from the Fraternity Of Hell.

Bloodian became serious:

- It's all because of the weapons of the gods! She was not alone! She was helped by a fallen goddess!

Alexander: - Yeah-yeah, if you so.

Bloodian: - You know, I thought for a long time how the demoness could use the forbidden to demons power of Heaven. This thought did not bother me, it drove me crazy. But the answer came of itself. By chance I noticed you and this mercenary demoness in the demon world, with whom you decided to have a friendly family. I don't know what led you to your homeland, but apparently the matter was serious. I decided to follow you. The place where you brought me, in the end, brought me a lot of interesting things. I, as like you, learned about my origin. Your origins with Abaddon were natural, but I and Abigor were forced to impose to our father - we were created by order as an addition. Our sentimental dad... I will not say that I will miss him. But now it is clear why a young demoness predisposes to the power of light. And in whom you are so degenerate...

Alexander started to get angry, and he threw a fireball at Bloodian, but missed. Bloodian jumped in time.

Bloodian: - Alexander-Alexander... To tell the truth, your behavior is incomprehensible to me. Heaven is guilty of the death of your mother. They ordered you to kill your father. And your daughter is in their service. And after that you still keep on balance? If I had your strength, I would have burned all the feathered defenders of light.

Alexander: - It's none of your business.

He waved it off and continued on his way to the castle, but Bloodian's words were firmly fixed in his head. Bloodian threw him after him:

- You're an exile, brother. And if you decide to take revenge on the Heavens, this will not untie the war between the worlds. But if you do not do this, our brother will soon make it. And then war can not be avoided.

Alexander did not look back and said:

- Abaddon is smarter than you think.

The smirk stretched out over Bloodian's face:

- And who said that I mean Abaddon? Ha-ha-ha...

Alexander stopped abruptly and turned to the fading echo of Bloodian's laughter, but the demon of blood was no more.

Alexander: - Abigor?...

The Curse of the Vampires

Alexander entered the spacious hall of the castle. Candles burned in candlesticks and chandeliers, but nobody was visible. Alexander shouted loudly:

- Jessica!

The echo picked up his voice and spread through the castle's rooms. He repeated the attempt:

- Jess!

From the cellar came a woman's voice:

- Alexander?! I'm here!

Descended into the basement, Alexander found a camera with Jessica. The demon swept the sword and knocked down the lock, which locked the prison door. Jessica shaking the dust came out of the darkness of the dungeon:

- What are you doing here, and if you're here, why so long?

Alexander: - I'm sorry. They detained business. Are you okay?

Jessica: - Yes. I could have done it myself, but there were more of them. Next time you will have to take a double fee for assignments with unknown variables. This "Queen" with his retinue turned out to be vampires. Where did they come from here?

Alexander: - Bloodian...

Jessica: - What?

Alexander: - This is the curse of Bloodian. My brother once for a long time created it for the sake of fun and called "a gift to mankind". Bloodian wanted to see what would happen if people were given a piece of demonic power, but not gratuitously. He was interested in seeing how people would suffer under the influence of his curse of thirst for blood.

Jessica: - Curse in exchange for strength and immortality? Your brother is very strange, do you know about this?

Alexander: - In some ways, you're right. Although we are brothers, but we have little common.

Scarlet SC5 4

Vampire Queen

The demon and Dragoness went into the great hall. But now the castle was no longer empty. At the far end of the hall on the carved throne sat the one who was called the "Queen":

- Welcome, uninvited guest. My name is Scarlet. And I'm the mistress of this castle. You dared to release my captive, this curious lizard?...

Jessica: - I'm a dragon! You're the fanged bloodsucker!

Scarlet: - Silence! You unintentionally invaded my domain, and this is a crime. And the punishment will not keep you waiting.

Alexandra and Jessica were surrounded by Scarlet bodyguards. Jessica was still unarmed and began to look around in search of something that could help her in battle. Alexander stuck his huge sword in front of her:

- Use it, but be careful.

Jessica Vs Vampire SC5

Jessica fights against a vampires

The dragoness grinned and armed with the sword she gave him:

- Until we find my weapon, I'll try to be very careful.

Alexander himself as a weapon decided to use his element - fire.

Scarlet: - What are you standing for?! Take them!

Servants of the "Queen" rushed to the uninvited guests. Jessica furiously waved a huge sword and chopped vampires. Alexander deftly dodged blows and, grabbing the next bloodsucker, incinerated on the spot. The severed bodies and flashes of flame scattered throughout the great hall. The battle was short-lived. At last the "Queen" made her move. She fell from the throne and rushed to the gaping Jessica. Jessica turned to the shout of "Queen", but it was too late. In addition to all, and a huge sword after the destruction of a vampire stuck in the column of the hall. Jessica squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the imminent attack.

Demon Sanya Vs Scarlet SC5

Death of Vampire Queen

At this very moment Scarlet caught Alexander. He grabbed the "Queen" of vampires by the throat and raised them above him. The legs of Scarlet hobbled convulsively in the air.

Alexander: - Now die!

The hand of the demon flushed. Scared Scarlet screamed:

- Lord Bloodian! ... Excuse me! I failed you!...

The next moment, the "Queen" of vampires was all enveloped in flames and vanished before her eyes, turning into ash.

Bloodian 9


Bloodian sat on the roof all this time and watched the events:

- My dear Scarlet... So sad, you had such a potential. Well, not a great loss. Irreplaceable in your world does not happen. In any case, you did me a good service. The souls gathered by you are enough to revive it... Ha-ha-ha!

The demon turned into a bloody sculpture, melted instantly and disappeared in a red stream in the darkness of the night.

After wandering around the castle, Jessica returned her weapons and supplies. At this time, Alexander burned the surviving vampires and the remains of those that were simply cut with a sword. Together they went around the castle dungeon and released several kidnapped people from the village. One of the released - an elderly woman began to thank the rescuers:

- Thank you. God sent you to me.

Alexander only gritted his teeth.

Jessica: - I'm afraid he has nothing to do with it.

Alexander: - We go, there's nothing more for us to do here.

Hunters and a small handful of people left again the empty castle.

On the way back Alexander remembered the recent conversation with Jessica and decided to develop the topic.

Alexander: - And what will you do when you found him?

Jessica: - Huh? Whom?

Alexander: - The murderer of your father. Could you fulfill what was planned? Kill for revenge?

Jessica thought:

- I'm not really sure.

Alexander: - And something will change after you take revenge on the murderer?

Jessica: - I don't know... Right now revenge for me is just a goal that can not be achieved.

Alexander: - Only the goal?

Jessica: - Yes, it gives me strength. I can't see the ultimate goal, but I continue to move towards it. In truth, I do not even want my way to end.

Alexander: - Did you know your father well?

Jessica: - Not really... Mom told me a lot about him, but personally I never met him... But... he was still my father!

Alexander: - You did not know your father, but you are ready to murder for revenge for him? Do you think this is enough?

Jessica: - Probably.

Alexander: - I see.

Jessica: - Ah?

Alexander: - Never mind.

The New Ruler of Hell

The portal really opened. Flocks hovering in a world of chaos and fascinated the eye. But not for the sake of admiring the world of chaos, Bloodian turned all this adventure. He wanted to return Abigor. A smile played on the demon's face. A few days passed after he returned to the demons' world. Bloodian was proud of himself, because he had stolen the Dark Blade. The demon waited a long time for the right moment. When the defeated Nexus dissipated, and the wounded Alexander fainted, Bloodian made his cunning move. He grabbed a dying sword, and disappeared with him in one of his bloody portals. After the battle with Alexander, Dark Blade was exhausted and could not take control of Bloodian. Yes, there was no need - a demon of blood by himself was ready to help revive the mighty weapons. Bloodian instructed Scarlet to procure human souls in the human world. This should have been enough to open a small portal to the world of Astral Chaos.

Abigor was unhurried, but confidently stepped out of the portal.

Bloodian: - Greetings, brother. I hurried as best as I could to free you from the captivity of chaos. And also I prepared for you a gift - a new weapon, created from the wreckage of swords of light and darkness.

Abigor SC5 13

Abigor with Dark Blade

Abigor had picked up the Dark Blade:

- It was not captivity for me. In chaos, I found my true strength. With it help, as well and with the help of the Dark Blade, I will plunge the worlds into chaos. And we will start from the demon world. It needs a new ruler. I'll be him!

Bloodian: - Ah... Abigor, are you all right?

Abigor looked arrogantly at Bloodian:

- You don't like something?

Bloodian stumbled back a little:

- No-no, we will do just that.

Screams and murmur rumbled through the castle of Queen Lily. Abaddon ran into the throne room:

- Your Majesty! You urgently need to leave the castle!

Lily 11

Demon Queen

Lily: - What?! Why?!

Abaddon: - There's no time to explain! You are in danger! Abigor is back! Together with Bloodian they storm the castle!

On a loud dialogue of the queen and the bodyguard, Lexa came out:

- Did you say "Abigor"?!

Abaddon looked away:

- Lexa, now you are responsible for the safety of Queen Lily. Urgently leave.

At that moment the doors of the hall flew to shreds, and Abigor went in, followed closely by Bloodian. Abaddon took out his swords:

- Lexa! Hurry up!

Abaddon Vs Bloodian SC5 1

Abaddon fights versus Bloodian

The demon of war rushed to Abigor, but halfway through it stopped Bloodian. He teleported and jumped out of the bloody puddle. The brothers crossed their arms. Lexa rushed to the queen. She took out a crystal that allowed her to travel between the worlds, and opened the portal.

Lexa: - Your Majesty, come here!

Lily followed the shining whirlpool. Lexa was ready to follow her. Finally, she turned to see if everything was all right with Abaddon, but instead she faced Abigor. The demon of chaos stood a meter away from her. Lexa shuddered. Abigor, without the slightest feeling of pity, plunged the Dark Blade into her and lifted it into the air. Lexa shivered convulsively and grabbed the blade of the sword. Hands immediately drowned in their own blood. Abigor was pulled out with a sharp movement by the Dark Blade from the demon's flesh. Lexa landed awkwardly at the stiff legs, and at that moment the demon of chaos tightly grabbed her by the throat.

Lexa Vs Abigor SC5 1

Lexa and Abigor

Abigor: - Say "Hello" to Alexander from me.

With that, he threw her directly into the shining whirlpool. The portal closed itself.

Abigor: - It's even better. They can not stop us.

After this, Abigor and Bloodian were both disarmed and cut down Abaddon.

Abigor: - Bloodian you must seal all the portals of the world of demons. Let no one come and go without my knowledge. My sword has to be restored seriously.

Bloodian clearly followed the orders of his brother and immediately sealed all the entrances and exits. Abigor had taken the throne to the throne.

Alexander was sitting in his room, rolling a flame in his hand. He was called by Jessica's troubled voice:

- Alexander! Hurry up here!

Alexander slowly left his idleness and descended from the second floor. The picture that appeared before him shocked the fire demon. First he saw the queen of demons.

Alexander: - Lily? What are you doing here?

Demon Sanya And Lexa SC5 28

Lexa's death

But, without waiting for an answer, Alexander turned his gaze to Lexa. Demoness lay in the middle of the room, in a pool of blood. On her stomach was a deep punctured wound, which the girl was trying to cover. The demon rushed to her. Lexa breathed heavily, choking at the blood coming up to his throat. Alexander lifted her head:

- Hold on, Lex! Do not even think about dying!

The bloody palm slid across the cheek of the demon. Lexa's eyes filled with tears:

- Alex... I'm... glad... that I met you...

Her hand fell helplessly down, and life left Lexa.

Alexander: - Lexa! NO!!! LEXAAAAA!!!

Behind him, with bated breath, stood Jessica and Lily.

Jessica's eyes were filled with tears:

- Lexa... How is it?...

Alexander slowly lowered Lexa's head to the floor, and turned sharply to Lily. He pressed the queen to the wall:

- How could this happen?!

Lily: - Abigor and Bloodian... They attacked the castle. Abigor got the Dark Blade in his hands.

Alexander grabbed at his sword:

- Open the portal to the demon world! What are you waiting for?! I'll kill this bastard!

Scared Lily tried to use Lexa's crystal, but the portal did not open. She tried again and again.

Demon Sanya 69


Lily: - It doesn't work. It's blocked. From the other side.

Alexander: - Dammit! Damn you! ABIGOOOOORRRRR!!!

Alexander furiously fell on the wall.

Jessica: - Calm down! It will not bring her back!

The sword slipped from the demon's hand. Alexander collapsed on his knees beside Lexa's body.

Alexander: - Lex... I'm sorry...

The Oblivion

Lexa was still didn't bury, and her body rested in one of the rooms of the house. Angelina arrived in the city to farewell her mother. Also from day to day, Demian was supposed to arrive. After the death of Lexa, Alexander fell into despair. He did not pay attention to those around him and looked into the void with a glassy look. Somehow in search of forgetting, Alexander came across a tavern, where he spent many hours trying to drown his grief in alcohol.

Late in the evening, a pretty drunk demon was returning home. A little rocking, he walked alleys, holding in his hand the bottle of alcohol he had started. Already on the way to the house, Alexander noticed seven silhouettes in white robes, which were discussed in a small square in front of the store "Demons & Dragons". Coming closer, Alexander distinguished in them the messengers of heaven, and the white was not so much clothes, as the wings folded behind his back.

Alexander: - What did the feathers forget here?

The angels turned. One of them said:

- Demon-apostate?!

The commander of the detachment went ahead:

- We appeared for the demon queen, who is hiding here in the mortal world. She has no right to be here. Give it to us! Immediately!

Alexander took a sip from the bottle:

- I do not obey the messengers of Hell or Heavens.

Soldier angel: - How dare you?!

In the head of Alexander came up words that Bloodian had said not so long ago:

"Heaven is guilty of the death of your mother. They ordered you to kill your father. And your daughter is in their service. And after that you still keep on balance?"

Alexander: - It's true - I'm an apostate. I kill demons in the human world. But if angels commit unlawful things, they too become my victim.

Commander of the angels: - You are obstructing our order.

Alexander: - And what will I get for this?

Without releasing the bottle from his hand, Alexander took out a sword from behind his back and bangs loudly against the pavement.

Commander of the angels: - Take him!

The angels immediately surrounded the demon. One of the angels took out a vial of liquid and threw it into Alexander. The demon repulsed it with a sword, but the vial split and water sprinkled on the demon. He rubbed his face from the drops and looked inquiringly at the angel that had thrown the bottle.

Alexander: - And what was that? You decide to wash me?

Angel looked at his commander with frightened eyes:

- Holy water doesn't work on him?! Why?!

This arrangement drove the assembled angels into perplexity. Alexander grinned:

- Everyone has their tricks. Let's just say - thanks to heredity.

The demon shook his bottle and splashed its contents into an angel who was throwing holy water. Alcohol impregnated the clothes of the warrior of light.

Demon Sanya Vs Angel SC5

Alexander fights against angels

Alexander: - Let's rock!

A small flame was enough to make the angel flare up like dry grass. Another angel rushed to the demon. Alexander, discarding the bottle, dodged the attack and broke the nose with the hilt of the sword. From the back to the demon, another warrior of light rushed, but immediately received a fist under his breath and collapsed like a wreck. The demon stepped his foot on his back and tore off the wing with his free hand. The angel roared with pain.

Alexander: - Well... who's next? I have nowhere to hurry.

The angels somewhat collapsed and even moved back, but their commander himself rushed into the battle, and the remnants of the detachment followed his example.

The night sky over the city was cleared, and the moon lit up the square. Alexander stood panting. His huge sword was covered in blood. At the feet of the demon lay seven fallen warriors of light. It was this scene Angelina caught when she ran out of the house to the sound of battle.

Angelina 15


Angelina: - Father, stop it immediately! Why you destroy the angels?

Alexander: - They are guilty of death... In many deaths! Through their fault, my parents were killed. Nexus... Elena...

The demon snugly kicked one of the lying bodies.

Angelina: - Father!...

She was interrupted by the spirit of Nemesis:

- Wait, Angelina.

The spirit of the fallen goddess arose between father and daughter.

Demon Sanya Vs Nemesis SC5

The instruction of the goddess

Nemesis: - Alexander, once I knew Elena very well. Your mother was a noble and sympathetic warrior of light. But the laws of our worlds are undeniable, and she was punished for her crime. She knew perfectly well what she was getting at by contacting Nexus. I beg you, but your anger will not bring peace to the world.

Alexander: - You doomed my mother to a life of death, and then ordered me to kill my father! After that, should I be calm? It turns out that a great evil can be not only dark, but also light.

Nemesis: - I'm sorry. You have every right to be angry. But do not...

Alexander cut her off in mid-sentence:

- Spare me the morals, goddess.

Alexander stuck his sword into the pavement, picked up the bottle that was still not fully exhausted, and sped away. Angelina watched him go. Just lost her mother, she understood something about her father's feelings.

Nemesis: - He has the right to anger, but revenge can blind him.

Angelina: - Ah?

Nemesis: - Do not let him do rash things about which he will regret.

The Hope

Alexander sat down on a bench in the middle of an empty square and took a sip from the bottle. He threw back his head and stared at the clear starry sky.

Alexander: - Forgive me, Lex... I couldn't protect you...

- We start to appreciate someone only when we lose, - hearing a familiar voice, Alexander turned his head. Next to him on the bench sat his father - Nexus.

Alexander: - Come to reproach me?

Nexus: - Far from it.

Alexander: - At first I lost my parents, whom I didn't know. Then I lost a love that was not appreciated. Now the brothers are also going to unleash a war between the worlds.

Nexus: - Your state is familiar to me. But... do you just give up?

Alexander: - I'm tired of fighting for an unattainable balance of power, while losing loved ones.

Nexus: - You still have time to save Lexa.

This phrase sobered Alexander, and he looked inquiringly at his father.

Alexander: - Is there a way? How?

Nexus SC5 14


Nexus: - Death is one for all, whether it be man, beast, angel, demon or whoever. Go to the Kingdom of the Dead and return your beloved.

Alexander: - Then why did not you do the same to bring Elena back?

Nexus: - In my case it was too late. When your mother lost her angelic nature and became an ordinary mortal, she lost her advantage after death. The souls of people fall into captivity of death more quickly than demons and angels. And Lexa still has time.

Alexander paused, pondering further actions.

Nexus: - But be careful. Death is cunning, and it just will not give you one of its victims. And the condition can be difficult.

Alexander: - What kind of condition?

He turned his head again, waiting to hear the answer, but Nexus was gone. The demon sat on the bench alone. An obsession? A ghost?

Alexander ran into the store and demanded from Lily the crystal, which opens the portals between the worlds. Lily, Angelina and Jessica looked with amazement at something of a brisk demon.

Lily: - What are you up to?

Alexander: - There is one idea. I hope it works.

Angelina: - Dad, I...

Alexander: - Forgive me for what happened, dear. You shouldn't have seen this. After Lexa's death, I was ravaged by anger and a thirst for revenge, which can be difficult to control. These same feelings have always fueled my fire power, but now they just tear me apart.

Jessica intervened in the conversation:

- So, does revenge give you strength too?

Alexander: - Yes, being a fiery demon is sometimes not easy.

Angelina smiled back:

- Fire is changeable. He can incinerate, and can give warmth. Don't let that which gives the power to blindly guide you.

Alexander: - I'll try.

Lily: - Can you do it yourself?

Alexander: - Yes, I'll be back soon.

Jessica: - Can still help?

Alexander: - I'm going to the place where you'd better not meddle.

Lily: - You're not going to the Kingdom of the Dead?

Alexander: - That's where my path lies.

The Kingdom of the Dead

Demon Sanya Vs Living Dead SC5

Alexander fights versus undeads

With the help of a crystal, Alexander went to the Realm of the Dead to bring Lexa back to life. Upon arrival, the demon immediately attacked the hordes of undead. Skeletons were climbing from all sides, and from somewhere from above flew green ghosts. Alexander cut through and burned his way. Suddenly the whole noise of the battle was drowned out by a loud voice:

- Enough!

Bone warriors, as if ordered, fell apart, and the ghosts dissolved into the air. The demon held a flame in his hand, and, lighting himself, peered into the surrounding darkness. A tall figure in a black shroud was hovering around him.

Death SC5


Death: - Aren't you afraid?

Alexander: - I'm too angry to be afraid.

Death: - Use one feeling to drown out the other. Perfectly.

Alexander: - What do you know about feelings?

Death: - You're right, I do not have long to test them. But I see how the living change, experiencing these or those emotions. I know a lot. And now I see that you are following your father's way. On the way of revenge.

Alexander: - Then you know that I need the soul of a demoness who came here a couple of days ago.

Death: - Oh, I know you came for Lexa. And what can you offer me in return?

Alexander: - You've already taken quite enough from me.

Death: - What is true, the truth.

Alexander paused for a moment:

- You can take my soul.

Death: - Aah... self-sacrifice. It always struck me. Can not you see for yourself that if you give your life for her, you still can not be with her. This is silly. Do not you think so?

Alexander: - I have nothing more to offer you.

Death: - Demoness will rise again, and will you die?

Alexander: - But just let me finish one thing first.

Death: - Relax, Alexander. You passed the test. You really want to return your beloved and even ready to sacrifice such a unique soul as yours for this. The son of an angel and a demon is a great rarity.

Alexander: - My soul is not unique if it doesn't make sense and desire to live.

Death: - All right. I will return the soul of your beloved. But under one condition.

Alexander: - Speak.

Death: - Not so long ago, one powerful demonic entity managed to escape from my possessions. Give her back to me.

Alexander: - You're talking about my father? Nexus?

Death: - No, it's not him. Nexus is inaccessible to me. His essence has long been lost and can't find rest in any of the existing worlds. There is another dark soul, which is much older and more dangerous than the Nexus.

Alexander: - Then who is it?

Death: - Once he was the Lord of Hell.

Devil SC5 01


Alexander: - Devil...

Death: - The last time a portal was opened into the world of Chaos, its disembodied essence managed to escape from my captivity and hide there.

Alexander: - Abigor... so that's where he got such strength. But how do I return the incorporeal? I do not possess the ability of captivating the souls that my father had.

Death: - First you need to have his soul taken by some body. Thus, he will return to life. Destroy the physical shell and then it will again fall into my kingdom. But this will not be easy.

Alexander: - I agree.

Death: - I have nothing more to say to you. Do your part of the contract, and get what you came for.

Death slowly dissolved into darkness. Before Alexander opened the portal, and the demon already knew where he was leading. The Kingdom of the Dead has access to all worlds, as long as the law of life and death operates.

The Fraternal Strife

The portal behind Alexander closed. Since his last visit to the demons world, everything has changed dramatically. Death was in the air. The surviving demons hastily left their homes and tried to leave as far as possible from here. Alexander fixed his gaze on the queen's castle. Above the castle towered a huge pillar of darkness, in which the essence of the fallen demons twisted. Without losing time, the fire demon headed toward him.

Abigor was proudly seated on the throne of the ruler of the Underworld, leaning on the Dark Blade. The sword flickered and absorbed the souls of the fallen demons that circled above the castle. At the bottom of the staircase, Bloodian exulted:

- Already soon.

A pair of guards led the chained Abaddon.

Bloodian: - Here you are... Join us, brother. We will again assemble our Fraternity, and rule this world.

The wounded Abaddon raised a weary look at him:

- Killing your own kind will not bring you any veneration or fame. You betrayed the ideals of the demons world.

Bloodian: - This is a sacrifice for the common good. The death of our fellows will serve to strengthen the power of Hell. Now the demon world is cut off from the rest of the worlds. And no one can interfere with the process. The victims of our tribesmen give our ruler unprecedented strength. A force which capable of plunging other worlds into chaos. Unleash a war that has not yet been seen. And the demon of war in this business we need more than ever.

Abaddon grinned:

- Bloodian, you are blind and stupid. However, as always.

Bloodian: - What?! How dare you?!

Abigor intervened in their dialogue:

- Then you will die, like a traitor to a new order.

Fraternity Of Hell SC5 03

Sons of Nexus

- It will not happen! - The fourth voice has scattered.

The three demons turned in amazement. Alexander went to the center of the throne room.

Bloodian: - How did you get here? I closed all the portals in the demons world.

Abigor frowned. Alexander threw a fireball at Bloodian. The demon of blood jumped aside. Alexander slowly went to Abaddon and cut through the chains that crammed the demon of the war. Abaddon got to his feet and rubbed his wrists:

- Thank you brother. Now we have more chances.

There was a silence in the room. On the one side, Alexander and Abaddon, on the other - Bloodian and Abigor. Sons of Nexus were ready to converge in a deadly battle.

The Dark Avenger

Abaddon Vs Bloodian SC5 2

Bloodian teleports Abaddon

The first move was made by Bloodian. Realizing that he had no chance against Alexander, the blood demon rushed to Abaddon. Bloodian grabbed him tightly, and the demons fell into the bloody portal, which was spreading under their feet.

Abigor had risen from the throne: - A long stay in the world of Astral Chaos, where you left me, has benefited me. There I gained a new power. And on the return to the demons world I get a new weapon. Dark Blade told me a lot, including the history of our father. Alexander, now I know why you care so much about mortals. You're different from us. The son of light and darkness. A demon that was born in the human world. You are trying to maintain a balance of power. And I was born to wreak chaos. I will unleash a war between the worlds and drown them in the blood of endless wars.

Abigor's voice echoed. To his voice was echoed the second - the voice of the fallen ruler of Hell - Devil.

Alexander: - If you know everything, then you should be aware that this sword is the same as me - the creation of light and darkness. No one demon can fully exploit his potential because of too changeable essence.

Abigor: - Here you are wrong. The sword is torn apart by confrontation. This confrontation creates chaos. And chaos is me!

Demon Sanya Vs Abigor SC5 1

Alexander versus Abigor

Alexander tightened his grip on the sword and prepared for battle. Abigor snarled angrily and rushed to his brother. Blow, one more, and more...

Abigor: - Where is your rage? Have the forces left you? Or did I just become much stronger?

Swords cut sparks after each strike against each other and with a clank jumped back to prepare for a new attack.

Abigor: - You will die here! Just like your girlfriend - this miserable demoness!

Alexander's eyes flashed with flame:

- You wanted to rouse rage in me?! Well, I'll show you the rage of fire!

Alexander released his element, turning into a fire demon, entirely consisting of flame. The more his anger, the more flared up the flame. Violent attacks fell on Abigor, and he struggled to restrain pressure, gradually retreating.

Abigor: - Impressive. You truly are the master of fire.

But, waiting for a short respite, Abigor did not hesitate to apply the power of the Dark Blade. A bright flash for a moment blinded Alexander. After that strikes followed.

Abigor: - What's wrong, brother? Revenge blinded you?

Demon Sanya Vs Abigor SC5 2

Alexander versus Abigor

Blinded Alexander did not immediately come to his senses and at random reflected the blows, skipping a good half. The flame that surrounded the demon gradually faded. Alexander jumped back and, landing on the ground, fell on his knee. Breathing hard, he did not let go of the sword. Blood trickled down his forehead, flooded the right eye and slid down his cheek like Lexa's hand.

Alexander: - Lexa!

The thought of her sobered Alexander. He quickly recovered his wounds. Here and there blood blew from his body. Proud Abigor with the power of Devil and Dark Blade towered above Alexander:

- At last! I have surpassed you, brother. You can not win!

Devil SC5 14


Abigor's voice abruptly changed, and this time the Devil took the speech:

- I knew from the beginning that you would have problems, son of Nexus. Now prepare to know nonexistence!

The essence of the Devil gradually took control of the demon of chaos. Abigor had begun to put his sword above his head. In the head of Alexander the voice of Nexus began to sound:

- Hold on, my son!

The wandering spirit came again to support Alexander in a hard struggle.

Nexus: - You can handle it. Just as I once did.

A second voice followed him, this time female:

- Don't let revenge outshine your mind. Believe in yourself, and you will succeed.

Alexander once already heard this voice and could not forget. The voice belonged to his mother - Elena. The demon recognized the third voice at once - it was Lexa:

- Alex, I'm glad I met you. Please come back to me.

Alexander silently nodded, took a deep breath, and with a smirk turned to the enemy:

- So be it!

Alexander repulsed the impending blow and rushed to Abigor with renewed strength. The blows of the sword fell one after another. If it was not possible to break through the defense with weapons, Alexander used the force of fire, burning marks on the Dark Blade and on the body of Abigor.

Abigor: - What happened?!

Demon Sanya Vs Abigor SC5 3

The force of Light and Darkness

Alexander's sword began to emanate light. At first it was light, barely noticeable, but with every beat the light grew brighter. The same glow began to surround Alexander himself.

Abigor: - What suddenly changed? Why such power?!

Abigor once again tried to defend himself from the blow, but Alexander's sword was simply cut in half by the Dark Blade.

Alexander: - Fire is changeable! It can give warmth, and can incinerate!

The amazed Abigor drew back:

- That's bullshit! How is this possible?!

The living sword has spent too much strength on defense and was exhausted. The next blow fell on Abigor's hand. The demon of chaos roared, staring at the lost limb. At that moment, Alexander grabbed him by the throat and put a shining sword.

Alexander: - Once upon a time you wanted to kill my mother. And my father paid with his life, trying to stop you. And Lexa... I suddenly realized that not only the Heavens deserve my revenge.

Abigor was struggling to break free from Alexander's strong grip.

Abigor: - You do not dare!

Alexander: - Farewell, dirty bastard!

Abigor: - NOOOOO!!!

The blade of the sword made a sharp leap forward, piercing the flesh of the demon of chaos. A pillar of fire and light cut through the dark clouds of the demons world. It scattered the dark pillar of Abigor, releasing the captive souls of the fallen demons. Abigor, and resurrected Devil with him, were destroyed.

In the dead wastelands of the demons world, Abaddon raised his head, watching the play of light and shadow far above the castle:

- Well done, brother. I see, and you won.

At Abaddon's feet Bloodian lay down unconscious.

In the darkness of the Kingdom of the Dead.

Death: - The contract is executed.

She clicked her bony fingers. The essence of the ruler of Hell again belonged to her.

At the same moment, Lexa opened her eyes. She rose cautiously on the bed.

Lexa: - Where am I? What happened?

Dazed Angelina rushed to her with an embrace:

- Mom! You are back!

Jessica and Lily rushed into Angelina's room.

Jessica: - Lexa! Alive!

Demoness still felt weak, but its little things compared to incredible healing.

Lily: - He succeeded.

A proud smile spread across the Queen's face.

Demon Sanya SC5 Battle 69

A difficult victory

The enemy was defeated. Having squandered all his strength, Alexander dropped his sword and fell to the ground.

Alexander: - Father... Mom... thank you. Lexa... I hope you're alright...

His body was surrounded by fire. At first small flashes grew into a strong flame. In a moment, the fire consumed the demon. When the flame faded, Alexander disappeared.


Life has returned to the usual course.

Queen Lily again took the throne of the demons world. She again had to restore peace and order to her people.

Abaddon, even in the dark hour, remained true to his queen. He remained at the service of Her Majesty.

Bloodian was arrested and imprisoned for betraying, killing his brethren and trying to unleash a war between the worlds.

In the world of mortals, everything was unchanged. No one noticed the events that once again could decide the fate of the human world.

As for Lexa...

The sun's rays made their way through the crown of trees and illuminated the spacious room. Jessica entered the house with a bunch of papers.

Lexa 23


Jessica: - I got a new assignment for us. It's not very complicated, but it should bring good profits.

Lexa turned to her voice:

- I'm ready!

Returning to life, the demoness lost someone who was very dear to her. But Lexa didn't lose heart and didn't lose hope, someday and somewhere to find Alexander. And no matter how long it takes, she will find him.

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