We all have our favorite character in the Soul Calibur series and we all hoping to see our favorite return in the upcoming Soul Calibur VI game. *Hoping for Talim to return* I know I am ready. But you then wonder for every game they made from SCII to SCV, They include some form of including a guest character. Either it be in form of a character creation or moveset or actual appearance like Link, Spawn and Heihachi (along with Kratos). You begin to think the possibility for who might be the next guest. Here I introduce 10 characters I think should be guest in the game. Note this is my own opinion and I hope I can make myself clear on it. Even if some of the character have the lowest chance of appearing.


  • Only 1 Character per series.
  • Characters that appear in another crossover game(Smash Bros or Playstation Battle Royale) can be including since those two games are not canon.
  • This will not include any characters who already made a crossover with the past Soul Calibur game, Including moveset only characters.
  • Reminder that these characters are in my opinion on what I believe best fitted for this list. Please don't make critical comment if there something wrong with it.

#10 - Nemesis-T Type (Resident Evil)


Now I never play any of the Resident Evil game. Even as horrible future games get, There some chill to it that got me abit frighten(scared shitless in the first 3 games and...well....not even scared in Umbrella Corps). Either way, For most of the game I seen abit of gameplay off, I know so much of the big monster known as Nemesis who most of you probably know from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. And while he might be a slower version of Astaroth without the ax, He does manage to pull up a punch to be a extremely strong fighter in the game, With the weapon including that icky tentacle thing and his bigass guns and rocket. All this while giving the option to be in his 2nd form after the Critical Edge(if Namco agree not to bring Critical Finish into this even thou I loved it in SCIV).

#9 - Deadpool (Marvel Comic)


What else can I say about the Red Jumpsuit Anti-Hero we all know and love. Deadpool manage to make alot of appearance through out the Marvel Comics and TV Series as well as the movies(one which he have of his own). This also include games just as the previous mentions Marvel vs Capcom 3 game as well as his own game. So why not include Deadpool with the possibility of gears to use for his battle such as his duel swords, Sledgehammer, Grenades and Pistol. The reason why I put him low on the list cause while It is nice to include someone as entertaining as Deadpool, He would take alot of the seriousness out of the game, And trust me, We already have one foolish man doing that on his own.

#8 - Akuma (Street Fighter)


Now I might not be the best Street Fighter fan but I do know when it come to characters, Akuma is someone who doesn't show any sign of mercy. Now I guess you can say it sorta cheating to include someone from Capcom even thou Namco already had their crossover before with Street Fighter x Tekken. But with that said, If Namco can give a moveset to someone even from Nintendo back in SCII, I think it would be a nice wink to the audience to include Street Fighter most dangerous fighter, Including moves like his Gahadoken, Tatsumaki Zankukyaku and his most deadly for a Critical Finish/Edge: The Raging Demon.

#7 - Fulgore (Killer Instinct)


Killer Instinct have so many warriors that it pretty hard to count which character was best for the game. With Orchid already beating Ivy in Death Battle, Riptor having the lowest chance with Aeon Calcos already in game. It hard to say which might be best. But I think a character that best deserve this spot would be someone who more cybernetic then Astaroth is. Case in point, Ultratech Fearsome Cyber-Soldier known as Fulgore. Which some of you may question why a robot would ever be in an era of Swords, Knights and Warriors....well.....why there Jedi and Sith in there. In serious thou, Fulgore can count as a good guest seeing how he be the only fighter with Duel Cybernetic Claws on him, Giving him for moves like his forward stab and lightning projectile. Might not be the best choice of character but might as well be an awesome one to see.

#6 - Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)

Sweet Tooth

Now how can you turn a character who spend all his battle time in a car and make him do hand to hand combat. Well, Playstation All-Star Battle Royal found a way and it was pretty good, With his most well known weapon to be perfectly fit for this game to be his Razor-Sharp Machete. The damage that thing will do will be big but atleast fair as it is the sharpest even if it is not the biggest. And with other way for him to fight including his shotgun, mines and burning scalp, It would make any battle badass to see, Even coming from someone who is a big scary clown who murder for fun.

#5 - Mileena (Mortal Kombat)


Many wonder: Man, Would it be awesome if Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur fight side by side. Well, We still dreaming but it would be nice if like Scorpion in Injustice, Another game by Netherrealm Studio, They include an MK Guest for the game of sword swinging skilled fighter. Now normally I would agree to add Kitana into this since she is my favorite character in the MK Series being the quickest fighter I played as and having a good fighting tactic that helped me out in some form of matches. But after seeing the MKX Story(and too be honest, Not a fan of) I think it best to include the demonic hellspawn sister of Kitana, Mileena. I figure it best since not only is she crazy to match up Tira insanity but she would be one of the few character to use Sai as a weapon(Not counting Taki or Natsu unlockable sais on their back). Her story would pretty much be like alot of the MK Series with the Realm crossing worlds and Mileena taking part in it, Using his teleport kick and sai blast to lead her on to a strong victory.

#4 - Genji (Overwatch)


Now this is one of the more strangest choice to add in being that Genji appear in a game that involve him being in battle with a whole team of possible clones. But either way, He does have a sword and does look like a warrior best suited for this. Even his attack can lead to some cool move to use on his opponent such as the Swift Strike, Shrunken and his Dragon Blade for his Critical Edge. It hard to say what his battle stats maybe since he could be a fast fighter with some disadvantage.


  1. 3 - Lu-Bu (Dynasty Warriors)===

I love Dynasty Warriors. I played alot of it back then and I never grow tired of it. While it not the perfect game series, I love so much of it. And the best character in the group is pretty much the strongest in the group. And that man is Lu-Bu, The warrior who serve his adopted father "Dong Zhuo" only to murder the guy to win the heart of Diao Chan. And his way in battle is by all mean impossible to beat which make him the best character in the pack. While you can argue his gameplay would be slimier to some character like Kilik or if you really want to go far with someone without the same weapon, Hilde. Lu Bu would be as strong of a character as...well....Astaroth(I seem to be bringing him up alot on this list). He a buffed brute of a warrior who follow his own orders and can perform the most painful of moves, Cleaning out alot of the long the game don't make Lu-Bu OP.

#2 - Raiden (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance)

Raiden (MG)

Like Genji and....well to put this out of the way, Yoshimitsu, Raiden is along the line of cybernetic swordsman. The biggest different is Raiden is more stealthy then the two and can slice at a very high speed with the Murasama, All while performing some awesome move that can deal some off guard damages as well as giving him a boost with his Jack the Ripper phase.

#1 - Nakoruru (Samurai Shodown)


This girl is a very special kind of fighter. Much like Talim(still hoping to appear), She is one with peace to nature around her, Caring for everything and everyone, Even if it mean fighting to bring order to the world. Her weapon include her duel knives, Sorta like Taki and Cervantes only Not too small to hide in her back but not too big. Her special move can include her Energy Slash and even use nature to guild her in her battle, Like Talim with the wind. She would be while not the strongest fighter, The most balance one and would be perfect for the game.