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    Hi everyone! This is just a little tutorial showing you how to create a custom metabox just in case you don't like the default Template Fanon Metabox () which looks like this:

    It's pretty simple really, just copy the contents of the box and change each section with your own information. (Except for text/headline which must stay the same). For a Metabox that will be used on all types of Fanon use:


    • The colours for the box itself are just colours I chose. You can change these freely by using HEX code. You do not need to put an hashtag first (#). If you don't know any colour codes then choose one here or make your own here.

    You do not have the right to make an individual Template for a custom Metabox. You must use the raw coding on your Fanon Artic…

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  • JaseyJasee

    Forums have now been activated on this Wiki! Go here to start a new thread! Don't forget to read the Forum Policies before you start a thread. Speaking of Policies... Users can have a say on what Policies they want on the Wikia! Use the Policy Discussion thread to propose new policies or propose a change to existing policies. Please read this page before proposing any new/changes to policies! I hope you enjoy the new features of this Wiki and I'm glad to be making it a better place! - JaseyJasee (talk) 01:52, June 7, 2015 (UTC)

    Calling out to all the active Admins of this Wikia , JefferyDante, Arishimaru, Ericard, Oh Mario, Nightmare76, Lyrical Disparity and Users alike, I have a proposal.

    I think we should bring Forums to this Wiki! Forums ar…

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    There has been a bit of a dispute going on between Neffyarious and Evil Cheese Wedge over Nightmare/Graf Dumas. Evil Cheese Wedge believes SCV's Nightmare should be separated from the main Nightmare page and be put on Graf Dumas' page as Astaroth and Yoshimitsu's page has been separated between them and their successors. However, Neffyarious believes that Nightmare is an identity, not a character as he is just Soul Edge possessing someone and not a distinct character with each host, otherwise it would need three splits. So, I have reverted Neffyarious edits upon request but the final decsion will be from the Community.

    Poll Deadline is Monday 18th May 2015 (BST, UK Summer Time)

    Okay so the Poll is now over and the results are 8 votes for Yes, …

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  • JaseyJasee

    New Admins?

    May 13, 2015 by JaseyJasee

    I've been looking through the contributions recently and noticed that not many Admins have been active. The most recent activity from an Admin is Snowsfall which was from four days ago. I think some new Admins may be needed. So, basically this is my pledge for me to become an Admin.

    Here are my reasons why I think I should become an Admin of this Wiki.
    1. I use the Wiki often, from both my PC and my mobile phone. So I would always be available even on the go.
    2. I edit many pages and always make sure the information I add is real and explain my edit. If it's an important edit I will always link to a viable source of information.
    3. I am very educated on the Soul series, I even run a Facebook page called Soulcalibur Community HERE which has 350…

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  • JaseyJasee

    So Project Soul posted this on their official Facebook page!


    Calling all SoulCalibur Fans!

    Project Soul would like to hear your voice.

    They need to determine precisely who are the favorite characters of the community!

    Beware, you can vote only once so choose carefully and wisely.
    You still have time to think about it as this survey will last until May 31st.
    PC users:

    Mobile users:

    Project Soul is probably preparing something huge... Stay tuned and spread the news! Thank you. ‪#‎SCSURVEY‬ ‪#‎SOULCALIBUR‬

    It sounds like the most wanted characters will be in the roster for the next Soulcalibur game, so get your votes in! I voted for Sophitia!

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