Hi everyone!

At the end of this post there will be a poll where you can vote for a person that is in your opinion best suited to be an Admin on the wiki. The results of this poll after a week will be sent to the Community Central along with evidence of recurring trolling on the wiki and this little explanation.

Why are we doing this voting?

We need a new, active and contributing Admin. Due to the fact, that there is an upcoming game with an almost entirely new roster, many people are frustrated that their favorite characters are not going to return. Hence, this wiki is a target of daily troll attacks and there is no one to stop this. From the entire Admin group there is only one Admin that is contributing (SarahPaiFan), however she limits her edits only to her favorite group of characters (the Alexandra family and things related to them), not even once reverting a troll edit. After a few of the more active contributors tried to contact her on her Talk page, she simply removed all content without replying. The other Admins are inactive and do not reply to us as well. The active contributors are frustrated by this, and the fact that we have to revert about five to ten troll attacks each day instead of improving the Wiki. We need someone who can fight off the troll attacks from unregistered and registered users alike.

Who are these people in the poll?!

The people in the poll are the users who were most active in the last few months and make general contributions to all kinds of pages in the Wiki to improve it. They do not limit themselves to their favorite characters and have reverted numerous troll attacks. There are also some who are admins at other Wikis and can use their experience to help improve Soulcalibur Wiki. Please vote for the candidate that, in your opinion, is best suited for Admin!

Who would make the best Admin for this Wiki?

The poll was created at 15:22 on December 13, 2011, and so far 22 people voted.
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