This wiki has recently became a target for very frequent troll attacks and now advertisements... The only "active" admin is SarahPaiFan. However, I said "active", because going through her contributions you can clearly see that she haven't fixed any of the troll attacks and is limiting her activity to editing pages of her favorite characters (namely the entire Alexandra family and stuff related to them) and her own profile page. The fact that she has indeed edited SOMETHING in the past 2 months is blocking any attempts from getting an admin assigned by the Wikia Community, because this means we do have an active admin, the fact that said admin isn't doing anything to fight off the trolls is an entirely different thing according to the Wikia's admins.

A few of us tried contacting SarahPaiFan on her talk page regarding the possibility of blocking edits from not registered people, however she has removed the entire content from the page shortly after.

Maybe if we could vote for someone to be an admin then the Wikia Community might give him the Admin title and make our lives much easier? I would suggest either JefferyDante, Yuna.Fan, Weshookhands or EnemyLove for Admin. Share what you think about this in the comments. Suuusuuu 19:46, December 5, 2011 (UTC)

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