• Twin Angel Step

    So, this might be kinda interesting, and a little late I don't know lol. Well, since Soul Calibur V has got ridden off half of the cast,especially most of the females, the only female that has came back and has appeared in SCII is Ivy. Of course you might all know that the reason why they did for most females is because Namco and Japan have an eye candy for young women. (which explains Leixia, Natsu, etc). But do they have to get rid most of all of them and add new young females?

    I don't know how the company runs and stuff, but I really don't see why get rid of them. I mean, you can add young females, I don't mind that, but still, why get rid of the others? Hilde is pretty the only accurate middle aged female to come back, but what if she g…

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