Utopia of the Blessed
Utopia of the blessed
Background music Sacred Dawn
Home to Elysium (SCV)

"Utopia may not be all you desire."
— Narrator

Utopia of the Blessed resembles a Greek sanctuary in the heavens and the third stage to be an infinite stage and a multi tiered stage.

Divine light shines upon the arena. The stage is surrounded by very elegant ancient Greek temples and hexagonal tile floors. It has a long staircase in the background. The skies in this stage appear to have an oddball coloring in gameplay movement, as the left of the stage has a red sky while on the right is blue, but in the back, it appears with dull grey skies and looks very similar to the sky in the creation mode.

Once either player only needs to win one more round, the utopia crumbles into ruins, a vision of an apocalypse or hell. The fight then continues on a platform of limited size and ring-out opportunities to all sides of the ring.


  • During development, the keywords to describe the stage's concept were "heaven and hell'. These were the same keywords used for the final boss stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Heavenly Garden/Fallen Garden. According to designer Yuko Mizoguchi, both development teams would bicker, saying the stages were too much alike. 
  • The final battle of Story Mode against Elysium takes place in this stage. 
  • The stage appears to be the thematic opposite of the Soulcalibur II stage Tartaros. Tataros is the final stage in which players fight Inferno, the spirit of Soul Edge. Utopia of the Blessed is the final stage in which players fight Elysium, the spirit of Soul Calibur.


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