Valmiro is one of Cervantes's servants in Soulcalibur IV. Valmiro uses Taki's fighting style. In Cervantes's Story Mode, Valmiro accompanies him for four stages, but then Cervantes defeats him with his own hands before moving on to fight Algol. Valmiro cannot be created in character creation, due to the fact that the Aculeus Suit he wears normally overrides most other equipment. Plus, his voice cannot be used due to the fact it cannot be selected during Character Creation. Valmiro can also be seen on a custom character's intro were he tries to attack the character but is shot by Cervantes.


  • It's clear that Valmiro can't be made in Character Creation, due the fact that he wears the Aculeus Suit along with other equipment, and the voice missing. However, just like any other Custom Character, he is affected by the equipment he wears. This can be noticed while fighting as him in Cervantes' story. When switching to Valmiro during battle, you'll see that his health isn't 100%, which is caused by his equipment. He also wears Taki's Assassin Daggers as his own weapons, which has Shave Damage B as a default skill. This will also be seen when fighting as him (when attacking a blocking foe, it will still damage them). The weirdest part is that, before fighting, the screen wil tell you that Valmiro doesn't have any skills.


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