Village of the Wind
Background music Guided By Wind
Home to Talim (SCII)

Talim's Soul Calibur II home stage. She shares this stage with Kilik and Xianghua, especially the latter two for their weapon demonstrations.

During a time when Western culture spread its way across Southeast Asia, an isolated village hangs on to its cherished faith in the Wind Deity. The village is situated in a location that commands a view of both the mountains and the sea. The sight of many windmills lining the hamlet never cease to amaze and remind them of the profound importance the villagers place on the wind. The winds that circle the earth answer to these villagers and push their windmills along the way. At the very least, that is their belief. the twin of the wind ranjohn the( water bearer) in 1400 was said to be that the water bearer will reincarnate in 20th centuries in this place village of the wind called the philippines on present day

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