Voldo (ヴォルド, Vorudo), is a character in the Soul series. He appeared in the game Soulcalibur VI, which marks his debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline. His nickname is Hell Guardian.[1]


Soulcalibur VI

Voldo serves as a grotesque guardian of Vercci, a ruthless Italian weapon seller, who stashed the last of his riches on a Mediterranean island called the Money Pit. Voldo was stationed to guard the last of Vercci's riches. Prior to the events of his story, Voldo ventured across the world for three years in search of Soul Edge.

Voldo's tale begins with Ivy and a crew of hired hands sneaking into the Money Pit. Voldo gets the drop on the invaders and fights Ivy. After defeating her, she flees and causes a cave in within the Money Pit, preventing Voldo from pursuing her. Voldo bows in front of a statue of his former master and begins to hallucinate a conversation with him. Vercci tells him to pursue Ivy and to find the pieces of Vercci's collection that have been stolen. He quickly finds two adventurers and reclaims his master's treasures. After disposing of the corpses, he restores the traps to the Money Pit and embarks on the mission Vercci has set for him.

Voldo chases down another golden blade from an old merchant and defeats the bandits hoping to steal it from the bandits. Voldo soon recognizes the man as Enrico, a man once in the employ of Vercci. Voldo leaves the scene and doesn't reclaim the sword. Voldo realizes that Ivy's aura has split into two, to the north and the west. Choosing to head west, Voldo travels to Spain. The trail led him to an establishment called the Black Tail Inn.

Voldo begins to hear the voice of Cervantes and the cries of cursed sailors who fell at the hand of him. Voldo realized the aura of Ivy and Cervantes were somehow linked. He followed Ivy's aura east and realized another unknown group was tracking her. He stumbles across members of Aval and fights them. He spots Ivy but she was keen to his tracking his entire journey. The two fight and Voldo is victorious. Ivy gives him the treasure he was searching for. She tells him that Soul Edge has already been destroyed and directed him to Ostrheinsburg.

Voldo returns to the Money Pit and has an audience with Verrci's sarcophagus. Verrci finds it hard that Soul Edge is destroyed but compliments Voldo on a job well done.

Physical Appearance



Fighting Style

The bizarre style uses unique arm blades known as jamadhars to perform highly unpredictable moves. Designed to be used in dark places, it allows a fighter to strike even with their back turned to an opponent. The wide variety of unusual attacks used by this style require an incredibly flexible body to unleash; however, mastering them enables precise strikes that can cut an opponent down wherever they stand. Notably, the bizarre and twisted stance, Mantis Crawl, allows for different moves depending on the the direction the fighter is facing. The average warrior will find themselves unable to defend against an endless array of disturning attacks and will quickly fall to the Mantis Crawl's shredding blades.[2]

Mana & Ayus


Distinctive weapons wielded in both hands and bizarre, erratic moves make this style deadly and unpredictable in equal measure. Its users can launch powerful attacks with their backs turned to the enemy as their bodies contort in ways that are altogether unthinkable to most any ordinary fighter. [3]

Critical Edge

Downward Spiral: The speed of this critical edge depends on whether facing towards or away from the opponent. When facing forward, the move will dip down and back. However, when facing away has no evasive properties, but comes out extremely quickly, making it an excellent counter and can be used as part of an air combo after launching the opponent with a Facing away.


  • Mana & Ayus
  • Cerberus
  • Cat Claws
  • Tofana Scissors
  • Decapitator
  • Ikhtiraq
  • Jewel Hunter



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SOULCALIBUR VI - Voldo Reveal Trailer PS4, XB1, PC

SOULCALIBUR VI - Voldo Reveal Trailer PS4, XB1, PC

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