Voldo (ヴォルド, Vorudo), is a character in the Soul series. He appeared in the game Soulcalibur VI, which marks his debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline.

His nickname is Hell Guardian.[1]


Soulcalibur VI

The Money Pit was an expansive, deep hole in the middle of an island in the ocean. It was created as a place to horde the magnificent treasures collected by Vercci, a weapons dealer. Naturally, such fortune attracted the attention of more than a handful of thieves, but the Money Pit was not without the protection. In addition to numerous traps, it was guarded by a character wielding strange weapons: Vercci’s former right-hand man, Voldo. Having lived in the pit since the death of his master, he had lost his eyesight, but still continued to deal out cruel punishments to any who dared to attempt to steal his master’s valuables.

Voldo left the Money Pit for a short period to search for his master's most desired treasure: Soul Edge, the ultimate weapon. During that time, a great storm flooded part of the pit, causing extensive damage, and many of its traps were destroyed. Voldo did his best to make repairs, but invaders attacked before he could finish. One of these marauders was a woman wielding a strange weaponIvy—whom Voldo just about succeeded in holding at bay. She did, however, manage to escape with one of Vercci's most prized items: his notes.

Prioritizing their return, Voldo left the pit once more. But that wasn't the only reason for his departure: the woman emitted the same aura as Soul Edge. Perhaps she knew its whereabouts. Doggedly he pursued her, until eventually they met. While he was able to retrieve Vercci’s notes, he found out that Soul Edge had been destroyed. On his return to the Money Pit, he reported to his master, whose words of appreciation made the loyal Voldo proud and even momentarily joyful. The bond between him and his master was unbreakable.

Physical Appearance

Voldo retains his pale skin and bald head from the original timeline, with his eyes and mouth completely covered for his blindnesss and muteness.


Voldo can be described as an obedient loyalist to his master Vercci.


Voldo's costume follows his iconic revealing ones from previous games, with the addition of a horn helmet. His Color 1 has gold armor, red straps and a yellow cape.

His Color 2 has silver armor, purple straps and a purple cape.

His Color 3 has green armor, yellow straps and a green cape.

His Color 4 has him wearing a complete red and gold mask with red armor, white straps, and a red cape,

Weapon & Style

The bizarre style uses unique arm blades known as jamadhars to perform highly unpredictable moves. Designed to be used in dark places, it allows a fighter to strike even with their back turned to an opponent. The wide variety of unusual attacks used by this style require an incredibly flexible body to unleash; however, mastering them enables precise strikes that can cut an opponent down wherever they stand. Notably, the bizarre and twisted stance, Mantis Crawl, allows for different moves depending on the the direction the fighter is facing. The average warrior will find themselves unable to defend against an endless array of disturning attacks and will quickly fall to the Mantis Crawl's shredding blades.[2]

Manas & Ayus

Vercci was the head of the Burg family. He amassed great wealth, and earned the nickname “Merchant of Death” for his role as an arms dealer. A collector of weapons, he possessed numerous items from all over the world.

These katars are more accurately known as jamadhars, and were once stored in the Money Pit. Vercci used them to teach his right-hand man Voldo about the art of being a weapons dealer, so Voldo treasures them dearly.

The weapons’ enrapturing form leads some to mistake them for ornamental pieces, but they’ve tasted the blood of countless intruders, so such an error of judgment could very well turn out to be a grave one...


After spending years and years in the dark depths of the Money Pit, Voldo lost his eyesight, but acquired excellent hearing and a heightened awareness that easily make up for his loss. His eccentric fighting style perhaps developed in response to the unusual environment of the vault, and consists of bizarre, unpredictable moves that make use of his height and flexibility. Despite the strangeness of his many thrusts and slashes, every attack Voldo makes is deadly and designed to fill. Countless robbers have foolishly entered the Money Pit, unaware that a terrifying being lurks within who is able to survive among the deadly traps dotting the vault. Right up until their death, many never even realize that just a few feet away, hidden in the darkness, lurs a terrifying guardian about to strike...

Distinctive weapons wielded in both hands and bizarre, erratic moves make this style deadly and unpredictable in equal measure. Its users can launch powerful attacks with their backs turned to the enemy as their bodies contort in ways that are altogether unthinkable to most any ordinary fighter. [3]

Critical Edge

Downward Spiral: The speed of this critical edge depends on whether facing towards or away from the opponent. When facing forward, the move will dip down and back. However, when facing away has no evasive properties, but comes out extremely quickly, making it an excellent counter and can be used as part of an air combo after launching the opponent with a Facing away.



  • Vercci's right-hand man
  • Tracked Ivy's scent to retrieve Vercci's notes
    • Mistook Cervantes' scent as Ivy's at one point
  • Spared Enrico during his quest


SOULCALIBUR VI - Voldo Reveal Trailer PS4, XB1, PC

SOULCALIBUR VI - Voldo Reveal Trailer PS4, XB1, PC


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