Water Labyrinth
Background music Chasing Downstream
Home to Yoshimitsu (SC)

Japan is a lush and green land and large veins, such as the Water Labyrinth, gather the snow and rain from the ground. These veins form a network throughout Japan much like the veins in the human body. It is said that it takes one year for water to be absorbed one meter into the earth. Thus, the water in this deep vein has travel for many years and is deathly cold and ghostly clear. The soft pale blue stones create an illusion around the walls, broken only by patches of warm green moss. Newly empowered by the Evil Seed, the vile ghost Gel-o-Fury shattered the seals in the bamboo forest and made its way into this vein. Taki challenged the ghost several times in this complex cave. Toki's assassins, while chasing Taki, could not resist Gel-o-Fury's aura and were absorbed into the great ghost. As Gel-o-Fury grew in power, Taki became convinced that the ghost was planning to exit the vein in Kyoto within the Buddha Hall of the Hoko Temple. She went ahead and planned to ambush the ghost in the hall.



  • This stage is alternately known as Water Vein in the Arcade version.
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