Weapon Master is a story based adventure mode in Soulcalibur II. In it, you encounter many characters, can choose different paths, all leading up to the final battle with Inferno.

Some of the stages in Weapon Master mode have special conditions or rules that can either help you or restrict you in battle. For example in some levels you have limited time, you can win only by performing impacts, or wall hits cause enormous damage.

The mode also features labyrinths as some points of the story. Inside the labyrinths you have to choose a room to go to and you face many opponents along the way. The goal is usually to reach the room in which the "boss" of the labyrinth awaits.

Unlockables through Weapon Master

  • All of the game's hidden characters ;
  • Hidden Weapons ;
  • New Arenas
  • Extra Modes
  • 3rd Costumes For Some Characters


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