Will O' The Wisp is an enemy fought in Soulcalibur III as a Prepare to Defend Yourself challenge enemy, when fought, the player only has a limited amount of time to defeat it. Will O' The Wisp is another "mimic" character like Charade and Inferno, but can only mimic characters who can use Soul Edge as their weapon. It appears as a skeleton-like humanoid, with blue or orange wisps of flame covering its body.

It is unplayable unless a cheat device is used. If so, it will use characters randomly, though only to those who has the weapon Soul Edge. Therefore, Will O' The Wisp will only use Tira, Nightmare, Cervantes, Lizardman, Mitsurugi, and Astaroth's moveset.


Will O' The Wisp uses random disciplines that uses the Soul Edge weapon. When fought as a CPU, its CPU level is quite high which makes it a pretty hard enemy. But its defenses are amazingly low, so you can defeat it with just a few strikes. Still, even with this disadvantage it still can bring on a hard fight.


  • Will O' The Wisp appears to be a rudimentary version of Inferno, sharing the familiar fire sprites and voice clips as he.
  • The announcer has to introduce Will O' The Wisp quite hurridly, as the name is quite long, and needs to say "Fight!" almost immediately afterward.
  • It usually appears in Voldo's stage or Taki's stage.
  • If a cheat device is used to play as it, it has a second costume which is just Seong Mi-na's first costume.
  • It can be fought in Tales of Souls mode, if the player encounters Voldo in the Money Pit. If the player succeeds in defeating Voldo, they will encounter the Wisp afterwards.
  • It could be possible that when Will O' is fought after Voldo that Will O' is supposed to represent Vercci's ghost. As it appears in the Money Pit, however there is yet to be any official confirmation on this.