"All together! Justice will prevail!"
— Xianghua

Chai Xianghua (チャイ・シャンファ, Chai Shanfa, Chinese: 柴香華, Pinyin: Chái Xiānghuà) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. She appeared in the game Soulcalibur VI, which marks her debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline. She is nicknamed Traveling Artist (涼風の旅芸人 Suzukaze no Tabigeinin?).


Soulcalibur VI

Xianghua’s mother was from the prestigious Chai family in Beijing, and taught Xianghua swordsmanship from a young age, treating her with a firm but loving hand. Xianghua sensed these moments held some deeper significance than her mother was letting on. Perhaps it had something to do with her father, a man she never knew and was told had passed away. Two years after her mother’s death, she decided to focus on the way of the sword. With every passing day, her passion burned stronger than before.

Physical Appearance


Chai Xianghua is cute and sounds a bit childish, however she never gives up on her friends, and does not give up on her promise to her mother to cut her own path using the Krita-Yuga.


Her attire is mainly inspired by previous alternate attires mixed with some elements and colors from her initial Soulcalibur appearance. The costume's palette swap is mainly black.

Fighting Style

Sword arts passed down from her mother

This fighting style makes use of quick slashes dished out by the Chinese sword. Every swing flows smoothly and elegantly like a choreographed dance as they poke and prod at weak points in enemy defenses. The Silent Xia Sheng (SXS) special stance can also be used to stage confusing, unpredictable attacks on enemies. [2]

Critical Edge

Sublimating Blade: A blindingly fast critical edge with relatively short reach. It can be used in air combos or as a counter after blocking an attack. This is a guaranteed hit after an opponent attempts to block some of her break attacks.



Soulcalibur VI

  • "Let's do this!" - 1P Character Selection
  • "I'm ready!" — 2P Character Selection
  • "You think you can keep up?"
  • "I won't hold back!"
  • "Eii, yah! Fall in love yet?"
  • "This is my big moment! I'm in!"
  • "Looks like I have to give my all!" — Spoken when engaging in a battle against Astaroth, Nightmare, or Cervantes
  • "Mother, I am ready!" — Spoken when engaging in a battle against Inferno
  • "Watch over me... mother!" — Spoken at the start of Critical Edge
  • "You... You can't... Stop me!" — Spoken during Critical Edge
  • "Do you give up?"
  • "How's this?"
  • "Just kidding!" — Spoken after KO'ing an opponent with Critical Edge.
  • "Thanks for the exercise!"
  • "Looks like I have to give my all!"
  • "Is that any way to treat a lady?" — Spoken when engaging in a battle against Kilik.
  • "All together! Justice will prevail!" — Spoken after defeating any evil character.
  • "You have to be joking!" — Upon suffering a Ring Out
  • "Whaaat?!" — Upon suffering another Ring Out after the first one.
  • "This is... where it ends."
  • "I... refuse to lose!"
  • "It's over!"
  • "Block this!"
  • "How's this?"
  • "How's another?"
  • "I see ya!" — Performing Guard Impact.
  • "You're so mean!"
  • "Try this!"
  • "That's great."
  • "Turn and... strike!"
  • "Ready?! Eii yah!" — spoken when performing Scintillating Waterfall during Soul Charge
  • "Did you see the real me?" — Blocking a Reversal Edge on Kilik.
  • "Have you fallen for me?" — Landing a Reversal Edge from Kilik.
  • "I think we've met before." — spoken upon performing Soul Reversal against Kilik
  • "You lose, you change your hairstyle." — Landing a Critical Edge on Maxi.
  • "You will regret fighting me!" — Spoken after landing a Reversal Edge.
  • "I won't hold back!" — Spoken after landing a Reversal Edge
  • "I won't give up!" — Spoken after landing a Reversal Edge with low health.
  • "Not quite!" — Spoken when dodging an attack during a Reversal Edge.
  • "I was saving this!" — spoken when performing an attack in Reversal Edge
  • "Justice will prevail!" — spoken when performing an attack in Reversal Edge
  • "Kilik... Sorry!" — Spoken when using the "Yuen Chuei Shaur" throw against Kilik.
  • "Damn you."
  • "Maxi... Sorry!" — Spoken when using the "Yuen Chuei Shaur" throw against Maxi.
  • "What on earth?"
  • "This is... where it ends." - Spoken when activating Soul Charge.
  • "I... refuse to lose!" — Spoken when activating Soul Charge in low health.
  • "I won't hold back!" - Spoken upon reaching a Decisive Round
  • "No more games!" — Spoken upon reaching a Decisive Round
  • "I'm not gonna lose anymore." — Spoken upon reaching a Decisive Round with Kilik
  • "This one's something special!" - Spoken upon reaching a Decisive Round
  • "Not good..." — Suffering a Guard Burst.
  • "Well? I'm pretty good, right?" — Spoken after defeating Kilik.
  • "We should train together more often, Maxi." — Spoken when engaging in a battle against Maxi.
  • "What's wrong, Maxi? Cat got your tongue?" — Spoken after defeating Maxi.
  • "How could this be?" — spoken when lost to a Time Out
  • "But... I can't afford to lose." — spoken when lost to Inferno to a Time Out
  • "I'm...bored now..." — Taunting a downed opponent


  • Youngest daughter of Chai Xiangfei and Kong Xiuqiang.
  • Childhood friend of Meimei.
  • Met Lingyu when applying as an Emperor's guard and became her companion and friendly rival.
  • Friend and travel companion of Maxi and Kilik.
  • Defeated Inferno by wielding Soul Calibur.
  • A situational ally of Grøh through Kilik. He appears to know that her Krita-Yuga has a Soul Calibur within.