In this Chinese name, the family name is Yan (燕).

Yan Wujin (イェン・ウージン, Yen Wujin; Chinese: 燕武津, Pinyin: Yān Wǔjīn) is a general of the Ming Empire, husband of Xianghua and father of Leixia and Leixin.

Wujin once served as an instuctor to Xianghua. He is aware Xiba is Xianghua's son. In fact, he refused to marry her unless her grandfather allowed the child to live, telling him that Xianghua would be welcomed into the Yan household if Xiba was spared. After Xiba was entrusted to the care of Xianghua's father, Wujin encouraged her to visit them once a year.

He has great expectations for his son Leixin to take up politics, hoping that he will be able to save their country from their unfortunate state of affairs.


  • Yan Wujin's given name shares the character 津 with Natsu. However, they are read differently from each other, due to vast differences in Japanese or Chinese reading.
  • He is likely the same younger instructor mentioned in Xianghua's Soulcalibur III story. 
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