Yoshimitsu (吉光) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. He appeared in the game Soulcalibur VI, which marks his debut appearance in the new, rebooted Soulcalibur timeline. He is nicknamed The Original Mechanical Ninja.


Soulcalibur VI

The Manji clan’s village was located at the bottom of the Holy Mount Fuji. The clan was known for its unusual powers and their neutral stance in the conflicts around them. Unfortunately, the clan was destroyed by the ire of a powerful warlord. As the lone survivor, Yoshimitsu, dedicated his life to his clan’s martial arts. He single handedly attempted revenge on the warlord but was defeated and lost his arm in the process. Despite waves of pursuers, Yoshimitsu vanished without a trace.

After some time has passed. a group of agents embark on a hunt for Yoshimitsu. When one agent reports to his leader, it turns out to be Yoshimitsu in disguise. Yoshimitsu demands information on Soul Edge, learning it's invincible nature. He hears rumors that Soul Edge was going to be sold at auction and travels to a Southeastern Asian port. Using his blade's mind control powers, he discovers the auction was a fake to lure out enemies of the auctioneer, Lyla. Lyla sicks her guards on her but Yoshimitsu defeats them and demands more information. Yoshimitsu travels to the Ming Empire, whose search for the sword had begun to tear society apart.

During his travels, he saves a Buddhist monk from being robbed. Yoshimitsu continues to travel west and stops at a village in the Middle East. He hears a tale of a group who abduct people and creatures on their search for Soul Edge and intervenes. He frees the trapped villagers and finds a Lizardman. After the battle, he interrogates a Cult Priest and learns of Nightmare in Europe. During his travels to Europe, Yoshimitsu begins to feel his mental state deteriorate.

He stumbles into Sophitia and attempts to mind-control her but her blessing from Hephaestus prevents it. The two do battle and despite being victorious, Sophitia gazes into Yoshimitsu and reads into his desires. Yoshimitsu is transported into a spectral realm and meets the spirit of his sword who wishes to reduce the world to ashes. Yoshimitsu comes to and sees Sophitia again and thanks her. He vows to protect the weak and destroy evil, as a new goal of avenging his clan.

Physical Appearance

Though most of Yoshimitsu's body is covered in army and his mask fully concealing his face, he is shown to have blue skin. When angered, his mouth and eyes exude a blue flame.


Yoshimitsu originally starts out as a vengeful warrior who was single-minded in his pursuit of vengeance and to seek out Soul Edge to enact retribution, often describing himself as a demon from hell. In spite of his proclamations, he is compelled to do good and cannot stand to let injustice fester. He also begins to doubt himself after hearing of Nightmare and coming to the conclusion that they're no different from each other as they seek to murder others to comfort themselves. After being saved by Sophitia, Yoshimitsu resolves to honor and avenge his clan as a champion of goodwill rather than bloodshed.


Yoshimitsu dons a full ensemble of Japanese ninja armor, prominently featuring eyes on his breastplate and a white demon mask with green glowing eyes, mouth and a mane of red hair. His alternate color gives him a darker palette with red glowing details and white hair. This color is the representation of the Manji sword itself.

Fighting Style

Manji Sword & Fu-Ma Blade

Manji Ninjutsu

A katana, wakizashi and strange ninjutsu constitutes this. Although a close-ranged by nature, its users can also fly and move around the ring in the blink of an eye. They can even steal soul gauge from enemy fighters, which is used to launch powerful attacks on their weakened foes.

Critical Edge

Ghost Thief Funeral: A downward slash from the above lets immediately move to the opponent in a bit slow. It can drain the opponent's health gauge on hit. This is highly effective in spending the soul gauge on powerful moves, but it could have trouble getting through the opponent's reach. [1]


  • Manji Sword & Fu-Ma Blade
  • Kagekiyo
  • Chevalier
  • Wooden Swords
  • Phantom Machete
  • Hihiirokane
  • Bodhi


Soulcalibur VI

  • "Shikizoku Zeku!" — Character Selection, 1P
  • "Quiet!" — Character Selection, 2P
  • "It is anyone's battle!"
  • "Thou shalt be slain..."
  • "In that case... let's fight!"
  • "Deliver me... your soul!" - during Critical Edge
  • "Tonight, a demon runs wild!"
  • "You'll regret this!"
  • "A stroke of fate... Let us duel!" — Spoken when preparing to fight Taki or Mitsurugi
  • "I'll expel... your vile karma!" — Spoken when preparing to fight Kilik or Grøh
  • "Foul demon... Perish!" — Spoken when engaging a battle with Astaroth, Azwel, Cervantes, Nightmare, Raphael, Tira, Yoshimitsu & Zasalamel.
  • "So, that's how the seal works!" —  Spoken after defeating Taki
  • "I am Yoshimitsu! Behold my magnificence!"
  • "Your swordmanship is profound indeed!" — Spoken after defeating Mitsurugi
  • "Heaven's net casts wide. Though its coarse, nothing slips through." — Spoken after defeating Evil Characters (for example Nightmare or Cervantes)
  • "Tonight, a demon runs wild."
  • "How will this play out...?” - Spoken after landing a Reversal Edge.
  • "You’re wide open!" — Spoken during a successful Reversal Edge.
  • "Betrayal!" — Spoken during Reversal Edge.
  • "No escape!"
  • "It is I... Yoshimitsu!" — Taunt
  • "All things... must end."
  • "Scoundrel... you shall repent." — Taunting evil characters
  • "Treasure."
  • "Emptiness."
  • "So vile."
  • "Let me guide you... to Hell." - spoken after KO'ing with Critical Edge
  • "Begone!"
  • "Silence!"
  • "What tragedy!" — Spoken when KO'd by Mitsurugi, Taki, Geralt or 2B
  • "How can this be...?!" — Spoken when KO'd by evil characters
  • "Humph. Most impressive." - spoken when Losing to a Time Out
  • "Damn... Well planned." - spoken when Losing to a Time Out to Kilik
  • "I was outclassed." — Spoken after losing to Mitsurugi or Taki
  • "Kill this soul!" — Spoken after losing by Ring Out
  • "Impossible!" — Spoken after losing by Ring Out a second time


  • Last surviving member of the Manji clan.
  • Saved by Sophitia from his Manji Blade, inspiring him to become a hero for those who can't defend themselves.
  • According to his special in battle quotes he is at least acquainted with Taki and Mitsurugi.


SOULCALIBUR VI - PS4 XB1 PC - Yoshimitsu (character announcement trailer)

SOULCALIBUR VI - PS4 XB1 PC - Yoshimitsu (character announcement trailer)

Yoshimitsu Character Reveal


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