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"Let the power of my words sink into your soul."
— Zasalamel

Zasalamel (ザサラメール, Zasaramēru), is a character in the Soul series of fighting games, a man with no allegiances except to himself, though his actions may reasonably be defined as evil. Zasalamel is one of the three starting new characters included in the fourth installment of the saga of video games, Soulcalibur III, alongside Tira and Setsuka. He first appeared on the first promotional trailers of the game as a darkened silhouette, under the titles of both The Enigma and The Mastermind before his real name was revealed. In the game itself, his fighting style and weaponry repertoire is available, in the Character Creation Mode, to characters created under the Saint class. In Soulcalibur III trailer, he is referred as "The Enigma". Zasalamel reappears in Soulcalibur IV, and in its portable remake, Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.

What lies in his soul is Anguish.


As stated in his profile, he hails from an ancient tribe that was tasked with the protection of Soul Calibur, the sacred sword and Soul Edge's opposite. This was many, many years before the game's set timeframe. Zasalamel was angered by the sect's edicts that forbade the use of the sword; which didn't allow the tribe to use the weapon if a crisis were to occur. When trying to take Soul Calibur into his own hands, he was discovered and shunned from the tribe. Zasalamel had a natural gift for magic (he could perform spells after only seeing them once) and spent his time in pursuit of ancient and forbidden knowledge thought lost, until he relearned the art of magical reincarnation.

The spell worked perfectly: although he continued to age, and eventually died, his soul was immediately reborn in another body, a body that would grow up to be identical to his original body, even including his signature golden eye. In addition, he retained all the memories from his original life, and continued to exist as Zasalamel. This would occur over and over across many generations, living and dying and being reborn, and Zasalamel gradually lost the joy of living as his existence waned and the pain of death increased. However, there was no way to "turn off" the spell; he would keep being reincarnated for all eternity, and committing suicide, no matter how many times he did it, would only start the cycle over again earlier than usual. In an attempt to end what he considered his "curse", Zasalamel set his eyes on Soul Edge. He would use its soul-devouring properties to destroy himself once and for all, and release himself from the circle of eternal reincarnations. However, even being killed by the sword was not enough, so Zasalamel turned his hopes to Soul Calibur, but when he reached the place where his tribe existed in his original life, he found no traces of life or the holy sword.

Soulcalibur III

Tracking Soul Edge once again, he decided to confront Soul Calibur as well. He hoped that he may be able to obtain both of them at once; but he discovered that Soul Edge, which had just lost its wielder, Siegfried Schtauffen, aka "Nightmare", had lost half of its mass and had become sealed, and that Soul Calibur had been infected by evil, gradually losing its power. In order to restore both blades to their power and complete his plan, he revived the will of the evil sword in the form of a new Nightmare which had no host. In order to aid the sword in his restoration, he needed to create conflict within the mind of Siegfried, the bearer of both blades, by leading survivors of Nightmare's past massacres towards him. If Soul Edge regained its power, so would Soul Calibur in order to confront him.

Zasalamel then takes a role as lead antagonist in most of SCIII's characters' story modes, attempting to eliminate them as he sees them as potential obstacles to his desperate plan to end himself. Zasalamel has an event of his own in the game's story mode, Tales of Souls, in which he lures the characters into his stage, the Clock Tower, where he attacks the character first with a falling gear. The player can avoid the gear with a quick input and avoid starting the match with slightly less health. This also goes for Zasalamel himself, who accuses the other Zasalamel of being some kind of copy. Zasalamel then appears during the last events of the mode, to either confront the player as a sort of "sub-boss" battle or to take the power of both swords to transform into the game's final boss, the twisted creature known as Abyss.

Soulcalibur IV

As the rush of power released by Soul Calibur and Soul Edge at the Lost Cathedral hit Zasalamel, he had a vision of the modern world. Determined to see this vision become a reality, Zasalamel set after the two swords, intending to bend their power to his own will. However, he then sensed the awakening of the Hero King Algol. Amused that the Hero King actually existed, Zasalamel decided that he would be a worthy foe to stand between him and his ambition.


Soulcalibur III

In the spiritual realm, Zasalamel is circled by the two floating swords. Zasalamel absorbs the power of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur into his scythe and a bright white light appears.

Soul Calibur 3 - Zasalamel - Ending B

Soul Calibur 3 - Zasalamel - Ending B

Soul Calibur III Zasalamel's Ending B

Input Ending:
The screen fades to black. Zasalamel's thoughts are heard as he chronicles the end of his curse in a study filled with books. Now that the curse has ended, Zasalamel has decided to write down all that he experienced during his many lives. All he has to do is wait until his time comes. The screen reappears, showing him staring down at a book with the words, "The End" written fairly amazingly on the end of a book, which is considered to be the book that showed his life in Tales Of Souls.

Soul Calibur 3 - Zasalamel - Ending A

Soul Calibur 3 - Zasalamel - Ending A

Soul Calibur III Zasalamel's Ending A

No Input Ending: The two swords destroy his scythe. Nothing seems to happen, however. He is still the same, immortal and cursed after the light fades and his scythe is gone. Zasalamel sinks to his knees with misery and questions why he can't die. He hits the ground with his fists and laughs insanely. He states how everything is over, then says how he has no choice but to continue "this meaningless existence".

Soulcalibur IV

Soul Calibur IV Zasalamel's Ending(JP)

Soul Calibur IV Zasalamel's Ending(JP)

Soul Calibur IV Zasalamel's Ending

Zasalamel defeats Algol and creates a green orb that absorbs both the powers of Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. 400 years later, a reincarnated Zasalamel is a successful billionaire in Los Angeles in the United States in the 21st Century (perhaps the Tekken era). He looks on the horizon and says to himself that as time goes on, he will continue guiding humanity onto the right path. Then he takes off his sunglasses which reveal Soul Calibur and Soul Edge trapped in his eyes. He then leaves with his assistant in a helicopter for a business trip.

A text-epilogue then appears, stating that he will live on forever as a guide for mankind, encouraging progress.

Critical Finish

Gate of Meslam: Zasalamel knocks his opponent back and starts drawing a symbol in the air. A void appears behind the opponent and Zasalamel throws them into it, shouting "Vanish into the void!", and ending his Critical Finish with a "Goodbye!"

Fighting Style

Zasalamel uses a scythe with attacks effective for mid- to long-range combat. He has a strange characteristic in which certain attacks draw his opponents closer to the player for additional strings and options. To compensate this "draw" characteristic as a potential disadvantage, the majority of moves that draw in the opponent are safe on block. Many of Zasalamel's combos can be extended and overall do mid- to high damage. Despite his great combo potential, many attacks that hit-stun to extended combos can allow the opponent to recover. At higher level gameplay, this limits his combo potential to only a few unshakable stun combos, which still do decent damage. Zasalamel also has a lack of close-range options as many short-range, quick attacks have shorter range than expected. To compensate, he has a lot of excellent kick-type attacks to control spacing to place him at a comfortable mid- to long range from the opponent.

Overall, he is considered by the Soulcalibur tournament community as a mid-tier character.

Tower Of Lost Souls Details & Skills

Zasalamel appears as a boss in Tower of Lost Souls Ascend mode as a boss under the floors "Unfailing Tower" & "Unseen Sickle".

Also, he appears under the floor "Avaricious Life." However a CPU Fighter named Armaroth uses his fighting style as a boss under the floor "Life To Entertain".

TOLS Ascend Floor Mode Boss: "Unfalling Tower" & "Unseen Sickle"

Partners: Sophitia, Tira & Voldo (Unfailing Tower Floor 32)

Cytherea & Asphodel (Avaricious Life Floor 42)

Hilde & Setsuka (Unseen Sickle Floor 49)

Revenant (Story Mode Stages 1-5(final stage) Only)

Skills On "Unfailing Tower"

1.Auto Impact S

2.Soul Gauge Boost S

3.Nullify Ringout S

Skills On "Avaricious Life"

1.HP Burst S

2.Soul Gauge Boost C

3.Nullify Ringout A

Skills On "Unseen Sickle"

1.Invisible S

2.Nullify Ringout S

3.Soul Gauge Boost C

4.Knock Down

Default Skills

1.Soul Gauge Vamp

2.Auto Grapple Break A

3.Soul Gauge Damage C

Descend Mode Skills

1.Auto Grapple Break C

2.Impact Edge


Soulcalibur III

  • Very well...this should be interesting.
  • I shall take you on with my full strength.
  • Passion for the unknown...absurd.
  • Let's finish this quickly.
  • You shall have a taste of my curse.
  • Hopefully you'll manage to walk away from this.
  • It's time for your punishment.
  • Move, I'm in a hurry.
  • So, you wish to cast away your life...Perhaps that is one answer.
  • I will show you...just how different we are.
  • Resist with all your might, for your life is on the line.
  • There is no need for two of us on this earth! - when you fight against double Zasalamel, playing for Zasalamel
  • You still struggle, after you've seen your weakness?
  • I shall take away everything from you.
  • I have plenty of time. Let us play.
  • Stay there...for an eternity.
  • Let the power of my words...sink into your soul!
  • Curse your fate as I do mine.
  • Humph, consider yourself lucky for being able to die.
  • This was a complete waste of time. - when you win a battle with low damage
  • So, you're still alive...You're a tough one.
  • I though this was...just for fun, but...
  • You were stronger than I had expected...but it's still not enough.
  • Someone like you...I could kill any time I wish.
  • Start again anew once you're reborn.
  • You are nothing but a lowly pawn.
  • I'm impressed. I had not expected this of you. - when you win a battle with low health
  • You cannot resist...against fate.
  • This is your end. I shall put you out of your misery.
  • Your purpose has ended. You may die now.
  • Now, I shall end your life.
  • It must have been a struggle for you...having such mediocre strength.
  • Do you now understand...the difference between us? - when you win a battle with a perfect
  • What is it? Did you actually believe that we were equal?
  • It is too late to regret your conceit.
  • That was to be expected...from the likes of you.
  • devastation.
  • Do you now understand your limitations?
  • You fool...why do you struggle?
  • How was face off true power?
  • Humph...I'm impressed that you got this far.
  • But... this is the end for you.
  • Humph, so you've come this far. But it's too late. - Destined Battle with Tira, response
  • I shall send you to your master soon enough. - after defeating Tira in arcade mode, playing for Zasalamel
  • So, you're a servant of the evil blade...How absurd, trying to challenge me. - "Encounter" cutscene
  • I've heard rumors about you. Let us find out whether you are truly worthy of the sword.
  • This is are not worthy to find the sword. I shall kill you here and now.
  • Do not involve yourself with that sword if you wish to live. I shall have to kill you if you continue. -
  • I cannot allow a monster like you to possess that sword. - "A Trap" cutscene as Astaroth, Lizardman, and Tira
  • You've served your purpose. It's time for you to die. - "A Trap" cutscene as Nightmare
  • I cannot allow anyone who knows about the sword to live. It's time for you to die.
  • A pathetic soul, who wishes to find peace in laughable. - "A Trap" cutscene as Zasalamel
  • Yes, that's right...that's what it takes! - "A Trap" quick-time event success (Nightmare, Taki, Siegfried, Olcadan)
  • You're quicker than I thought. I was wrong about you.
  • You're better than I expected. Your skills are quite impressive.
  • I will not allow you to get in my way...Let's go!
  • Yes...see, you can still fight. - Spoken when Zasalamel succeeds the quick-time event
  • Come, I shall hold a requiem for your soul. - Spoken when players fail the quick-time event
  • You're nothing but a sham. Pathetic.
  • I will acknowledge your spirit, but that is all. - when you lose battle against zasalamel in arcade mode playing for siegfried
  • The truth of that sword...must remain hidden to the world. - when you lose battle against zasalamel in arcade mode playing for kilik
  • Do you not see...the path you're treading?
  • Very well...I shall ask you only once.
  • Humph...Is that it?
  • Disappear! This was already decided. - when won battle against double zasalamel, playing for zasalamel
  • Humph, relying on strength alone.
  • A foolhardy attempt...
  • You dare call me weak? You conceited fool!
  • What's this?...
  • ...Trying to stall for time?
  • I'm impressed that you made i this far. Not bad at all.
  • My dream is about to be realized. You, however, are not worthy of witnessing this glorious moment. Leave this place at once.
  • Finally, everything will come to an end! - when you lose final battle against zasalamel before battle against his "abyss form", playing by any character.
  • Give it up...nothing will change no matter what you do.
  • Impressive...I did not expect such power.
  • But I did not come all this way...just to die here.
  • The sword's energy grows evermore powerful!
  • What I have yearned for all these years is about to come true...Hm? Wh...what is this?
  • Ugh...gah...guaaaah!
  • Humph, a final attempt to resist! How absurd!
  • You have no choice, surrender to me! Do not make me waste my time!
  • That's right...this is the way it should be!
  • Humph, so you're going to resist to the very end.
  • Now, I shall take you under my control! Then, I will finally put an end to my cursed life!
  • Oh! At last, my wish will be fulfilled! This curse will finally be lifted!
  • Now, grant me eternal rest!
  • Wh...why?
  • Why, why can't I die?...
  • Dammit!
  • H...ha ha ha...ha ha ha ha ha...It's all over...everything.
  • So...I have no choice. I must continue this meaningless existence.
  • Ohhhh...
  • My curse was lifted, and I was freed from my eternal damnation. I then contemplated how I should spend the remainder of my life.
  • Wishing to keep a record of my lives for the ages, I wrote volumes upon volumes of books...
  • With everything complete, all that remains to wait for my time.
  • Time to die!
  • Futile effort!
  • It's over.
  • Unforgivable!
  • You fool!
  • Behold!
  • Disappear!
  • Are you ready?
  • It won't work.
  • Good bye!
  • Die!
  • Freeze!
  • Play over!
  • May you sleep...for eternity!
  • I'll show you my true power.
  • Ha ha frail.
  • Very well...I'll just come back again.
  • I lost? How could I lose?

​​Soulcalibur IV

  • May you sleep for eternity!
  • You seek redemption for your sins. How foolish. - to Siegfried
  • This is your fate!
  • You don't belong here. Leave at once.
  • That was to be expected from the likes of you.
  • Do you now remember who you are? - to Siegfried
  • You imbecile! How dare you... - to Cervantes.
  • Fighting is just human nature. Why do you interfere? - to Talim.
  • It is natural for time to flow. Why stop it? - to Algol.
  • What are you? Reveal your true form! - to Darth Vader.
  • So, you wish to cast away your life. Perhaps that is one answer.
  • Let the power of my words sink into your soul.
  • You who stand against me, prepare to die!
  • Your existence is meaningless. Disappear!
  • Play over!
  • So, you're still floundering, mortal.
  • Suffer until the end of time.
  • Fate was too much of a burden for you.
  • Your purpose has ended. You may die now.
  • It was decided from the start. - spoken after "Perfect!" victory
  • A dream is still a dream; even fools eventually awaken.
  • Go down! - spoken when initiating Critical Finish.
  • Accept your fate! - spoken during Critical Finish.
  • Vanish into the void! - spoken during Critical Finish.
  • Farewell! - spoken at end of Critical Finish.
  • And just like that, you are gone. A pity. - spoken after victory with a Critical Finish.
  • Stop resisting!
  • You do not understand anything.
  • Are you ready?
  • Futile!
  • Begone!
  • I underestimated you.
  • You serve no purpose now.
  • This is the end. Resist if you must. - to Algol.
  • It's over. Return to the prison of time. - to Algol.


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